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  1. Active learning has become an increasingly popular method for screening large amounts of data in systematic reviews and meta-analyses. The active learning process continually improves its predictions on the re...

    Authors: Josien Boetje and Rens van de Schoot
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:81
  2. Prevention policies against type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) focus solely on individual healthy lifestyle behaviours, while an increasing body of research recognises the involvement of environmental determinant...

    Authors: Yannick Wilfried Mengue, Pierre-Paul Audate, Jean Dubé and Alexandre Lebel
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:80
  3. Ascertainment of heart failure (HF) hospitalizations in cardiovascular trials is costly and complex, involving processes that could be streamlined by using routinely collected healthcare data (RCD). The utilit...

    Authors: Michelle. A. Goonasekera, Alison Offer, Waseem Karsan, Muram El-Nayir, Amy E. Mallorie, Sarah Parish, Richard J. Haynes and Marion M. Mafham
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:79
  4. Health assessment tools developed using mainstream or Western concepts have been widely used in clinical practice worldwide. However, even culturally adapted or culturally based tools may not be relevant in ot...

    Authors: Nabina Sharma, Jennifer D. Walker, Elizabeth Wenghofer, Taima Moeke-Pickering and Jeannette Lindenbach
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:78
  5. The best chance of eradicating the COVID-19 pandemic lies in a successful vaccination campaign against the virus. There is still hesitancy among some of the Malawians over the use of COVID-19 vaccines that are...

    Authors: Ellen Nkambule and Balwani Chingatichifwe Mbakaya
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:77
  6. Adolescent multiple risk behaviour (MRB) is a global health issue. Most interventions have focused on the proximal causes of adolescent MRB such as peer or family influence, with systematic reviews reporting m...

    Authors: Laura Tinner, Claire Kelly, Deborah Caldwell and Rona Campbell
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:75
  7. The radial forearm free flap (RFFF) serves as a workhorse for a variety of reconstructions. Although there are a variety of surgical techniques for donor site closure after RFFF raising, the most common techni...

    Authors: Jasper J.E. Moors, Zhibin Xu, Kunpeng Xie, Ashkan Rashad, Jan Egger, Rainer Röhrig, Frank Hölzle and Behrus Puladi
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:74
  8. Frailty in patients undergoing craniotomy may affect perioperative outcomes. There have been a number of studies published in this field; however, evidence is yet to be summarized in a quantitative review form...

    Authors: Ana Licina, Andrew Silvers and Christopher Thien
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:73
  9. Developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) affects 1–3% of newborns and 20% of cases are bilateral. The optimal surgical management strategy for patients with bilateral DDH who fail bracing, closed reduction or ...

    Authors: Edward Alan Jenner, Govind Singh Chauhan, Abdus Burahee, Junaid Choudri, Adrian Gardner and Christopher Edward Bache
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:72
  10. Authors: Beth Gilmour, Kingley Wangdi, Angela Cadavid Restrepo, Tsheten Tsheten, Matthew Kelly, Archie Clements, Darren Gray, Colleen Lau, Fe Esperanza Espino, Chona Daga, Vanessa Mapalo, Susana Vaz Nery, Adam Bartlett, Eyob Alemayehu Gebreyohannes and Kefyalew Addis Alene
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:71

    The original article was published in Systematic Reviews 2024 13:55

  11. This study examined the synthesis methods used in meta-analyses pooling data from observational studies (OSs) and randomised controlled trials (RCTs) from various medical disciplines.

    Authors: Cherifa Cheurfa, Sofia Tsokani, Katerina-Maria Kontouli, Isabelle Boutron and Anna Chaimani
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:70
  12. Systematic reviews and meta-analyses typically require significant time and effort. Machine learning models have the potential to enhance screening efficiency in these processes. To effectively evaluate such m...

    Authors: Rutger Neeleman, Cathalijn H. C. Leenaars, Matthijs Oud, Felix Weijdema and Rens van de Schoot
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:69
  13. Various measures have assessed social connection in long-term care (LTC) home residents. However, they use inconsistent terminology, conceptualizations, and operationalizations of social connection. In this sy...

    Authors: Madalena P. Liougas, Andrew Sommerlad, Hannah M. O’Rourke, Katherine S. McGilton and Jennifer Bethell
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:67
  14. The prevalence of childhood overweight and obesity has increased at alarming levels in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and Qatar)....

    Authors: Mohammed Banany, Melissa Kang, Klaus Gebel and David Sibbritt
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:66
  15. We plan a scoping review aimed to synthesize what is known about the use of sensory-driven body illusion (BI) interventions for understanding and treating body image disturbance (BID) in people diagnosed with ...

    Authors: Sergio Navas-León, Ana Tajadura-Jiménez, Emma Motrico, Luis Morales, Mercedes Borda-Mas, Nerea Almeda and Milagrosa Sánchez-Martín
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:65
  16. Chronic ankle instability (CAI) is a common yet serious problem for elder patients. This meta-analysis aimed to evaluate the effects of balance training for CAI, to provide evidence for the clinical treatment,...

    Authors: Yiwei Guo, Tianyue Cheng, Zihao Yang, Yonglei Huang, Ming Li and Taoli Wang
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:64
  17. Persistent low back pain (LBP) is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and therapeutic exercise is recommended as a first-line treatment in international guidelines. The effects of exercise on clinical o...

    Authors: Lianne Wood, Vicky Booth, Sarah Dean, Nadine E. Foster, Jill A. Hayden and Andrew Booth
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:63
  18. Objective measures of screen time are necessary to better understand the complex relationship between screen time and health outcomes. However, current objective measures of screen time (e.g., passive sensing ...

    Authors: O. L. Finnegan, J. W. White III, B. Armstrong, E. L. Adams, S. Burkart, M. W. Beets, S. Nelakuditi, E. A. Willis, L. von Klinggraeff, H. Parker, M. Bastyr, X. Zhu, Z. Zhong and R. G. Weaver
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:61
  19. Hydroxyurea is an affordable drug that reduces vaso-occlusive crises and transfusion requirements in sickle cell disease. However, its effectiveness in preventing chronic organ damage is still unclear. This s...

    Authors: Naveen Khargekar, Anindita Banerjee, Shreyasi Athalye, Namrata Mahajan, Neha Kargutkar, Prashant Tapase and Manisha Madkaikar
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:60
  20. Growing evidence showed that acupuncture may improve cognitive function by reducing oxidative stress, key to the pathogenesis in vascular dementia (VaD), but this is yet to be systematically analysed. This stu...

    Authors: Qiong-Nan Bao, Man-Ze Xia, Jing Xiong, Yi-Wei Liu, Ya-Qin Li, Xin-Yue Zhang, Zheng-Hong Chen, Jin Yao, Ke-Xin Wu, Wan-Qi Zhong, Shao-Jun Xu, Zi-Han Yin and Fan-Rong Liang
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:59
  21. A fairer economy is increasingly recognised as crucial for tackling widening social, economic and health inequalities within society. However, which actions have been evaluated for their impact on inclusive ec...

    Authors: Anna K. Macintyre, Deborah Shipton, Shifa Sarica, Graeme Scobie, Neil Craig and Gerry McCartney
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:58
  22. Work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs), also referred to as work-related musculoskeletal injuries (MSKIs), cause surgeons pain and discomfort. Implementing ergonomics in the operating room has helped r...

    Authors: Ahmed Basager, Quintin Williams, Rosie Hanneke, Aishwarya Sanaka and Heather M. Weinreich
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:57
  23. Spinal cord compression is a pathology seen in routine clinical practice. However, there remain a number of unanswered questions around both the understanding of the pathogenesis and the best method of treatme...

    Authors: Megan Stanners, Marguerite O’Riordan, Laura Hartley, Eirini Theodosiou, Jean-Baptiste Souppez and Adrian Gardner
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:56
  24. Soil transmitted helminth (STH) infections are estimated to impact 24% of the world’s population and are responsible for chronic and debilitating morbidity. Disadvantaged communities are among the worst affect...

    Authors: Beth Gilmour, Kingley Wangdi, Angela Cadavid Restrepo, Tsheten Tsheten, Matthew Kelly, Archie Clements, Darren Gray, Colleen Lau, Fe Esperanza Espino, Chona Daga, Vanessa Mapalo, Susana Vaz Nery, Adam Bartlett, Eyob Alemayehu Gebreyohannes and Kefyalew Addis Alene
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:55

    The Correction to this article has been published in Systematic Reviews 2024 13:71

  25. The present study aimed to investigate the effects of fish oil supplements compared to corn oil on serum lipid profiles by performing a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials (RCTs).

    Authors: Payam Safaei, Ghazal Bayat and Afsaneh Mohajer
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:54
  26. Poor adherence to long-term medication increases the risk of morbidity and mortality and decreases the quality of life of patients with hypertension. One strategy to improve treatment adherence is to use a sho...

    Authors: Abebe Muche Belete, Daniel Molla Melese, Addisu Asefa, Yared Asmare Aynalem, Bekalu Bewket, Wondimeneh Shibabaw Shiferaw and Taklo Simeneh Yazie
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:53
  27. Several studies have explored the effects of ill health and health shocks on labour supply. However, there are very few systematic reviews and meta-analyses in this area. The current work aims to fill this gap...

    Authors: Ken Chamuva Shawa, Bruce Hollingsworth and Eugenio Zucchelli
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:52
  28. The objective of this study was to conduct a meta-analysis by synthesizing multiple literature sources to explore whether there are any differences between elastic fixation and rigid fixation in the treatment ...

    Authors: Qin Wang, Shuan Liu, Zhemin Wang, Ao Li and Jinhui Ding
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:51
  29. Minimal clinically important change (MCIC) represents the minimum patient-perceived improvement in an outcome after treatment, in an individual or within a group over time. This study aimed to determine MCIC o...

    Authors: M. Denika C. Silva, Andrew P. Woodward, Angela M. Fearon, Diana M. Perriman, Trevor J. Spencer, Jacqui M. Couldrick and Jennie M. Scarvell
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:50
  30. Pain is highly burdensome, affecting over 30% of long-term care (LTC) residents. Pain significantly reduces residents’ health-related quality of life (HRQoL), limits their ability to perform activities of dail...

    Authors: Shovana Shrestha, Greta Cummings, Jennifer Knopp-Sihota, Rashmi Devkota and Matthias Hoben
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:49
  31. The transition from childhood to adolescence is associated with an increase in rates of some psychiatric disorders, including major depressive disorder, a debilitating mood disorder. The aim of this systematic...

    Authors: Andrew Beck, Nicole Dryburgh, Alexandria Bennett, Nicole Shaver, Leila Esmaeilisaraji, Becky Skidmore, Scott Patten, Heather Bragg, Ian Colman, Gary S. Goldfield, Stuart Gordon Nicholls, Kathleen Pajer, Robert Meeder, Priya Vasa, Beverley J. Shea, Melissa Brouwers…
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:48
  32. Over the last decades, the prevalence of AST has decreased significantly. Barriers to active school transport (AST) have been extensively examined in the literature, while psychosocial factors that facilitate ...

    Authors: Eva Savolainen, Anna-Karin Lindqvist, Katarina Mikaelsson, Lars Nyberg and Stina Rutberg
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:47
  33. Up to 40% of UDCA-treated patients do not have an adequate clinical response. Farnesoid X receptor agonists, peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor agonists, and fibroblast growth factor 19 analogs were de...

    Authors: Wei Lin, Jun-xi Wang and Yi-juan Liu
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:46
  34. Gardening and horticultural therapy (HT) has been widely recognised as a multicomponent approach that has affected a broad range of health and well-being outcomes. The aim of this umbrella review and meta-anal...

    Authors: I. Panțiru, A. Ronaldson, N. Sima, A. Dregan and R. Sima
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:45
  35. Since its introduction 25 years ago, the Invisalign® system has undergone multiple digital and biomechanical evolutions and its effectiveness is often compared to traditional systems without considering the ma...

    Authors: Silvia Caruso, Maria Elena De Felice, Chiara Valenti, Stefano Pagano, Sara Caruso, Roberto Gatto and Guido Lombardo
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:43
  36. In low-income countries, women with disabilities have limited access to essential sexual and reproductive health services and are disadvantaged socioeconomically. Even though some studies have been conducted p...

    Authors: Abebe Alemu Anshebo, Yilma Markos, Sujit Behera and Natarajan Gopalan
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:42
  37. Recent studies have shown that there exists a significant correlation between oral microbiome and the occurrence of malignancies. However, the prognostic significance of oral microbiome for cancer patients rem...

    Authors: Shuluan Li, Tianyu Wang, Ya Ren, Zhou Liu, Jidong Gao and Zhi Guo
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:41
  38. A large body of literature indicates that connected speech profiles in patients with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) can be utilized for diagnosis, disease monitoring, and for developing communication strategies for ...

    Authors: Arpita Bose, Samrah Ahmed, Yesi Cheng and Aida Suárez-Gonzalez
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:40
  39. Oral mucositis remains a significant complication during cancer therapy with no effective treatment. Gold nanoparticles offer anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties with low toxicity. This study systematica...

    Authors: Minati Choudhury, Paul Brunton, Donald Schwass, Daniel Pletzer, Jithendra Ratnayake, George Dias and Geoffrey Tompkins
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:39
  40. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a common sleep disorder characterized by repetitive cessation or reduction in airflow during sleep. Stroke patients have a higher risk of OSA, which can worsen their cognitive ...

    Authors: Hualu Yang, Shuya Lu and Lin Yang
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:38
  41. Differentiating sepsis from non-infectious systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) is challenging. Biomarkers like procalcitonin (PCT) aid early risk assessment and guide antibiotic use. This study aims...

    Authors: Hany A. Zaki, Soumaya Bensliman, Khalid Bashir, Haris Iftikhar, Mohamed H. Fayed, Waleed Salem, Amr Elmoheen and Yavuz Yigit
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:37
  42. The review aimed to investigate geographic and sociodemographic factors associated with receipt of systemic anticancer therapies (SACT) for women with secondary (metastatic) breast cancer (SBC).

    Authors: Sally Anne Pearson, Sally Taylor, Antonia Marsden, Jessica Dalton O’Reilly, Ashma Krishan, Sacha Howell and Janelle Yorke
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:35
  43. Children with autism spectrum disorders are frequent visitors to high technology environments, and their needs may differ from those of their typically developed peers. Procedures in high technology environmen...

    Authors: Emelie Pettersson, Berit Møller Christensen, Ingalill Gimbler Berglund, Elisabeth Nylander and Karina Huus
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:34
  44. Authors: Ana Cristina Beitia Kraemer Moraes, Chiara das Dores do Nascimento, Everton Granemann Souza, Mauricio Beitia Kraemer, Mauricio Moraes, Neftali Lenin Villarreal Carreno, Evandro Piva and Rafael Guerra Lund
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2024 13:31

    The original article was published in Systematic Reviews 2023 12:236

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