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  1. Depression is common in people with long term conditions (LTCs) and is associated with worse medical outcomes. Understanding the mechanisms underpinning this relationship could help predict who is at increased...

    Authors: Leanne Trick, Edward Watkins and Chris Dickens
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2014 3:5
  2. Improving and sustaining the quality of care in hospitals is an intractable and persistent challenge. The patients’ experience of the quality of hospital care can provide insightful feedback to enable clinical...

    Authors: Michelle Beattie, William Lauder, Iain Atherton and Douglas J Murphy
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2014 3:4
  3. Although health care providers utilize classically described signs and symptoms to diagnose tension pneumothorax, available literature sources differ in their descriptions of its clinical manifestations. Moreo...

    Authors: Derek J Roberts, Simon Leigh-Smith, Peter D Faris, Chad G Ball, Helen Lee Robertson, Christopher Blackmore, Elijah Dixon, Andrew W Kirkpatrick, John B Kortbeek and Henry Thomas Stelfox
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2014 3:3
  4. Almost all patients under general anesthesia for surgery need mechanical ventilation. The harmful effects of short-term intra-operative ventilation on pulmonary integrity are increasingly recognized. Recent in...

    Authors: Ary Serpa Neto, Sabrine NT Hemmes, Marcelo Gama de Abreu, Paolo Pelosi and Marcus J Schultz
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2014 3:2
  5. Consensus has not been reached on safe alcohol consumption recommendations during pregnancy. The National Institutes for Care and Health Excellence (NICE) in the UK suggest that one to two drinks not more than...

    Authors: Linda M O’Keeffe, Richard A Greene and Patricia M Kearney
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2014 3:1
  6. Individuals with major psychotic and/or affective disorders are at increased risk for developing metabolic syndrome due to lifestyle- and treatment-related factors. Numerous pharmacological and non-pharmacolog...

    Authors: Cynthia Nover and Sarah S Jackson
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:116
  7. The usefulness of Google Scholar (GS) as a bibliographic database for biomedical systematic review (SR) searching is a subject of current interest and debate in research circles. Recent research has suggested ...

    Authors: Wichor M Bramer, Dean Giustini, Bianca MR Kramer and PF Anderson
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:115
  8. Previous studies have been limited in reporting the association between chocolate consumption, measured by interviewer-administered questionnaire or serum theobromine, a biomarker for cocoa, and risk of preecl...

    Authors: Jaime Andres Mogollon, Catherine Boivin, Kadhel Philippe, Stéphane Turcotte, Simone Lemieux, Claudine Blanchet, Emmanuel Bujold and Sylvie Dodin
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:114
  9. Clinicians, providers and guideline panels use absolute effects to weigh the advantages and downsides of treatment alternatives. Relative measures have the potential to mislead readers. However, little is know...

    Authors: Pablo Alonso-Coello, Alonso Carrasco-Labra, Romina Brignardello-Petersen, Ignacio Neumann, Elie A Akl, Xin Sun, Bradley C Johnston, Matthias Briel, Jason W Busse, Demián Glujovsky, Carlos E Granados, Alfonso Iorio, Affan Irfan, Laura M García, Reem A Mustafa, Anggie Ramirez-Morera…
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:113

    The Erratum to this article has been published in Systematic Reviews 2014 3:76

  10. Reports from Africa have suggested that pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP) is a less important cause of morbidity than in the developed world. However, more recent studies have shown high seroprevalence rates of P. jir...

    Authors: Sean Wasserman, Mark E Engel and Marc Mendelson
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:112
  11. PROSPERO is an international database of prospectively registered systematic reviews in health and social care. Between July 2012 and June 2013, 1,106 registrations were added, bringing the total since launch ...

    Authors: Alison Booth
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:111
  12. Although it is often performed in clinical practice, the diagnostic value of a screening physical examination to detect maltreatment in children without prior suspicion has not been reviewed. This article aims...

    Authors: Eva MM Hoytema van Konijnenburg, Arianne H Teeuw, Tessa Sieswerda-Hoogendoorn, Arnold G E Leenders and Johanna H van der Lee
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:109
  13. Permanent childhood hearing loss affects 1 to 3 per 1000 children and frequently disrupts typical spoken language acquisition. Early identification of hearing loss through universal newborn hearing screening a...

    Authors: Elizabeth M Fitzpatrick, Adrienne Stevens, Chantelle Garritty and David Moher
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:108
  14. There are both theoretical and empirical reasons to believe that design and execution factors are associated with bias in controlled trials. Statistically significant moderator effects, such as the effect of t...

    Authors: Susanne Hempel, Jeremy NV Miles, Marika J Booth, Zhen Wang, Sally C Morton and Paul G Shekelle
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:107
  15. The Statistical Methods Group has played a pivotal role in The Cochrane Collaboration over the past 20 years. The Statistical Methods Group has determined the direction of statistical methods used within Cochr...

    Authors: Joanne E McKenzie, Georgia Salanti, Steff C Lewis and Douglas G Altman
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:80
  16. Virtually all low- and middle-income countries are dependent on the World Health Organization’s Expanded Program on Immunization for delivery of vaccines to children. The Expanded Program on Immunization deliv...

    Authors: Shingai Machingaidze, Eva Rehfuess, Rüdiger von Kries, Gregory D Hussey and Charles S Wiysonge
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:106
  17. Depression is common in people with chronic physical illness and is associated with worse medical outcomes. Cognitive behavioural therapy and problem-solving improve depression, although usually have small to ...

    Authors: Sarah Harris, Paul Farrand and Chris Dickens
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:105
  18. Systematic reviews (SRs) can become outdated as new evidence emerges over time. Organizations that produce SRs need a surveillance method to determine when reviews are likely to require updating. This report d...

    Authors: Nadera Ahmadzai, Sydne J Newberry, Margaret A Maglione, Alexander Tsertsvadze, Mohammed T Ansari, Susanne Hempel, Aneesa Motala, Sophia Tsouros, Jennifer J Schneider Chafen, Roberta Shanman, David Moher and Paul G Shekelle
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:104
  19. Dapagliflozin is a first-in-class oral sodium glucose co-transporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitor. It is often used in combination with conventional anti-diabetic drugs such as metformin, glimepiride, and insulin in tr...

    Authors: Yu-nan Sun, Yi Zhou, Xi Chen, Wen-si Che and Siu-wai Leung
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:103
  20. Although healthcare administrative data are commonly used for traumatic brain injury research, there is currently no consensus or consistency on using the International Classification of Diseases version 10 co...

    Authors: Vincy Chan, Pravheen Thurairajah and Angela Colantonio
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:102
  21. Healthcare worker hand hygiene is thought to be one of the most important strategies to prevent healthcare-associated infections, but compliance is generally poor. Hand hygiene improvement interventions must i...

    Authors: Jocelyn A Srigley, David Lightfoot, Geoff Fernie, Michael Gardam and Matthew P Muller
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:101
  22. The essential clinical diagnostic components of brain death must include evidence for an established etiology capable of causing brain death, two independent clinical confirmations of the absence of all brains...

    Authors: Michaël Chassé, Peter Glen, Mary-Anne Doyle, Lauralyn McIntyre, Shane W English, Greg Knoll, Jean-François Lizé, Sam D Shemie, Claudio Martin, Alexis F Turgeon, François Lauzier and Dean A Fergusson
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:100
  23. Somatoform-type disorders and functional medically unexplained symptoms are extremely common in primary care settings. These disorders, however, are consistently underdiagnosed and under-recognised which precl...

    Authors: Alexandra M Murray, Anne Toussaint, Astrid Althaus and Bernd Löwe
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:99
  24. Accountability has center stage in the current post-Millennium Development Goals (MDG) debate. One of the effective strategies for building equitable health systems and providing quality health services is the...

    Authors: Elsbet Lodenstein, Marjolein Dieleman, Barend Gerretsen and Jacqueline EW Broerse
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:98
  25. Google Translate offers free Web-based translation, but it is unknown whether its translation accuracy is sufficient to use in systematic reviews to mitigate concerns about language bias.

    Authors: Ethan M Balk, Mei Chung, Minghua L Chen, Lina Kong Win Chang and Thomas A Trikalinos
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:97
  26. The prognostic accuracy of 1H (proton) magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) in neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy has been assessed by a criticized study-based meta-analysis. An individual patient data met...

    Authors: Pieter LJ Degraeuwe, Gerald J Jaspers, Nicola J Robertson and Alfons GH Kessels
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:96
  27. There is considerable unexplained heterogeneity in previous meta-analyses of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) evaluating the effects of patient decision aids on the accuracy of knowledge of outcome probabil...

    Authors: Stephen J Gentles, Dawn Stacey, Carol Bennett, Mohamad Alshurafa and Stephen D Walter
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:95
  28. Cochrane systematic reviews have proven to be beneficial for decision making processes, both on a practitioner and a policy level, and there are current initiatives to extend the types of evidence used by them...

    Authors: Karin Hannes, Andrew Booth, Janet Harris and Jane Noyes
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:84
  29. Post-marketing surveillance (PMS) may identify rare serious incidents or adverse events due to the long-term use of a medical device, which was not captured in the pre-market process. Percutaneous transluminal...

    Authors: Julie Polisena, Alan J Forster, Karen Cimon and Danielle Rabb
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:94
  30. Three meta-analyses and one systematic review have been conducted on the question of whether self-collected specimens are as accurate as clinician-collected specimens for STI screening. However, these reviews ...

    Authors: Darlene Taylor, Carole Lunny, Tom Wong, Mark Gilbert, Neville Li, Richard Lester, Mel Krajden, Linda Hoang and Gina Ogilvie
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:93
  31. Pediatric osteomyelitis is a bacterial infection of bones requiring prolonged antibiotic treatment using parenteral followed by enteral agents. Major complications of pediatric osteomyelitis include transition...

    Authors: Chelsey Grimbly, Jeff Odenbach, Ben Vandermeer, Sarah Forgie and Sarah Curtis
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:92
  32. In 1996, shortly after the founding of The Cochrane Collaboration, leading figures in test evaluation research established a Methods Group to focus on the relatively new and rapidly evolving methods for the sy...

    Authors: Mariska MG Leeflang, Jonathan J Deeks, Yemisi Takwoingi and Petra Macaskill
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:82
  33. Venous thromboembolism (VTE) is a chronic disease, with fatal recurrences occurring in 5% to 9% of patients, yet it is also one of the best examples of preventable disease. Prognostic models that utilise multi...

    Authors: Joie Ensor, Richard D Riley, David Moore, Susan Bayliss, Sue Jowett and David A Fitzmaurice
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:91
  34. The use of procedural sedation outside the operating theatre has increased in hospital settings and has gained popularity among non-anesthesiologists. Sedative agents used for procedural pain, although effecti...

    Authors: Siobhán McCoy, Abel Wakai, Carol Blackburn, Michael Barrett, Adrian Murphy, Maria Brenner, Philip Larkin, Gloria Crispino-O’Connell, Savithiri Ratnapalan and Ronan O’Sullivan
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:89
  35. Numerous tools and items have been developed in all health areas to assess the risk of bias of randomized controlled trials (RCTs). The Cochrane Collaboration (CC) released a new tool to assess bias in RCTs, b...

    Authors: Susan Armijo-Olivo, Jorge Fuentes, Todd Rogers, Lisa Hartling, Humam Saltaji and Greta G Cummings
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:88
  36. Multimorbidity is increasingly prevalent but, aside from epidemiological work, the impact on associated provision of healthcare and/or education is little understood. For example, it is unclear how or why heal...

    Authors: Sarah Yardley, Elizabeth Cottrell and Joanne Protheroe
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:87
  37. The concept of lung sounds conveying information regarding lung physiology has been used extensively in clinical practice, particularly with physical auscultation using a stethoscope. Advances in computer tech...

    Authors: Marc P Berry, Luigi Camporota and George Ntoumenopoulos
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:86
  38. The Cochrane Collaboration was established in 1993, following the opening of the UK Cochrane Centre in 1992, at a time when searching for studies for inclusion in systematic reviews was not well-developed. Rev...

    Authors: Carol Lefebvre, Julie Glanville, L Susan Wieland, Bernadette Coles and Alison L Weightman
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:78
  39. Racism is increasingly recognized as a key determinant of health. A growing body of epidemiological evidence shows strong associations between self-reported racism and poor health outcomes across diverse minor...

    Authors: Yin Paradies, Naomi Priest, Jehonathan Ben, Mandy Truong, Arpana Gupta, Alex Pieterse, Margaret Kelaher and Gilbert Gee
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:85
  40. Cochrane Reviews are intended to help providers, practitioners and patients make informed decisions about health care. The goal of the Cochrane Applicability and Recommendation Methods Group (ARMG) is to devel...

    Authors: Miranda W Langendam, Elie A Akl, Philipp Dahm, Paul Glasziou, Gordon Guyatt and Holger J Schünemann
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:81
  41. Methods for systematic reviews of the effects of health interventions have focused mainly on addressing the question of 'What works?’ or 'Is this intervention effective in achieving one or more specific outcom...

    Authors: Ian Shemilt, David McDaid, Kevin Marsh, Catherine Henderson, Evelina Bertranou, Jacqueline Mallander, Mike Drummond, Miranda Mugford and Luke Vale
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:83
  42. Effective interventions to improve quality of life of cancer survivors are essential. Numerous randomized controlled trials have evaluated the effects of physical activity or psychosocial interventions on heal...

    Authors: Laurien M Buffart, Joeri Kalter, Mai JM Chinapaw, Martijn W Heymans, Neil K Aaronson, Kerry S Courneya, Paul B Jacobsen, Robert U Newton, Irma M Verdonck-de Leeuw and Johannes Brug
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:75
  43. Systematic reviews are important for informing clinical practice and health policy. The aim of this study was to examine the bibliometrics of systematic reviews and to determine the amount of variance in citat...

    Authors: Pamela Royle, Ngianga-Bakwin Kandala, Katharine Barnard and Norman Waugh
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:74
  44. Type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) causes progressive destruction of pancreatic beta cells leading to absolute insulin deficiency. Treatment of T1DM requires insulin, and some evidence suggests that longer acting...

    Authors: Andrea C Tricco, Huda M Ashoor, Charlene Soobiah, Brenda Hemmelgarn, David Moher, Brian Hutton, Catherine H Yu, Sumit R Majumdar and Sharon E Straus
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:73
  45. Approximately 20,000 people have a transient ischemic attack (TIA) and 23,375 have a minor stroke in England each year. Fatigue, psychological and cognitive impairments are well documented post-stroke. Evidenc...

    Authors: Grace M Moran, Benjamin Fletcher, Melanie Calvert, Max G Feltham, Catherine Sackley and Tom Marshall
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2013 2:72

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