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  1. Mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) is an increasing public health problem, because of its persistent symptoms and several functional consequences. Understanding the prognosis of a condition is an important com...

    Authors: Julien Déry, Béatrice Ouellet, Élaine de Guise, Ève-Line Bussières and Marie-Eve Lamontagne
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:127
  2. Variability and inaccuracies in the diagnosis of prostate cancer, and the risk of complications from invasive tests, have been extensively reported in the research literature. To address this, the use of artif...

    Authors: Elisa Martinez-Marroquin, Minh Chau, Murray Turner, Hodo Haxhimolla and Catherine Paterson
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:126
  3. A limited number of studies have directly examined the effect of whole eggs on body weight and composition in adults, and they have led to inconsistent results. This study aimed to summarize the evidence on th...

    Authors: Arezoo Sadat Emrani, Sara Beigrezaei, Faezeh Zademohammadi and Amin Salehi-Abargouei
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:125
  4. Insomnia disorder remains one of the most common sleep disorders in the elderly, with high prevalence and substantial consequences for patients’ general health. Despite that increasing clinical trials have ind...

    Authors: Weitao Dong, Hao Zhou, Rong Wu, Ximeng He, Xingliang Chen, Hongchi Zhou, Tingting Gong and Chao Wang
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:124
  5. Umbrella review is one of the terms used to describe an overview of systematic reviews. During the last years, a rapid increase in the number of umbrella reviews on epidemiological studies has been observed, b...

    Authors: Lazaros Belbasis, Robin D Brooker, Emmanuel Zavalis, Angelo Maria Pezzullo, Cathrine Axfors and John PA Ioannidis
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:123
  6. Evaluating the adaptability of human functions and behavior has become a subject of growing interest due to aging populations and the increased prevalence of chronic diseases. Various research traditions, base...

    Authors: Louis Hognon, Nelly Heraud, Alain Varray and Kjerstin Torre
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:122
  7. Abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB), which includes heavy menstrual bleeding (HMB), is a common condition placing women at increased risk for developing iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia (IDA). Depletion ...

    Authors: Hasmik Nazaryan, Megan Watson, Dana Ellingham, Swarni Thakar, Andrea Wang, Menaka Pai, Yang Liu, Bram Rochwerg, Nadia Gabarin, Donald Arnold, Emily Sirotich and Michelle P. Zeller
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:121
  8. To evaluate the number of citations for Cochrane Methodology Reviews after they have been updated or co-published in another journal, and the effect of co-publishing the review on the co-publishing journal’s i...

    Authors: Linlin Zhu, Ziyu Yang, Hongyu Deng, Yonggang Zhang, Xiaoyang Liao and Mike Clarke
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:120
  9. Most research on workplace bullying has examined the impact of the mistreatment on those exposed. Although bullying also is assumed to have significant ripple effects on bystanders, the empirical evidence for ...

    Authors: Morten Birkeland Nielsen, Michael Rosander and Ståle Valvatne Einarsen
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:119
  10. Studies assessing the nutritional quality of food provided to the homeless population show deficiencies in micronutrients and excess fat, sugar, and salt. The availability of cheap, energy-dense and nutrient-p...

    Authors: Divya Ravikumar-Grant, Colette Kelly and Saoirse Nic Gabhainn
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:118
  11. Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) are a critical component of evidence-based medicine and the evolution of patient care. However, the costs of conducting a RCT can be prohibitive. A promising approach toward...

    Authors: Hely Shah, Dianna Wolfe, Mark Clemons, Michelle Liu, Kednapa Thavorn, Areti-Angeliki Veroniki, Carole Lunny, Greg Pond, Sharon McGee, Becky Skidmore, Angel Arnaout and Brian Hutton
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:117
  12. Consolidation of the literature using systematic reviews is a critical way to advance a discipline and support evidence-based decision-making in healthcare. However, unique challenges exist that impact the con...

    Authors: Anna Chapman, Nicole M. Rankin, Hannah Jongebloed, Sze Lin Yoong, Victoria White, Patricia M. Livingston, Alison M. Hutchinson and Anna Ugalde
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:116
  13. Voiding trials are used to identify women at risk for postoperative urinary retention while performing optimal voiding trial management with minimal burden to the patient and medical service team. We performed...

    Authors: Xue Dong, Wu Huang, Jinyang Niu, Tingting Lei, Xin Tan and Tao Guo
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:115
  14. Self-administered depot medroxyprogesterone acetate subcutaneous injectable contraception (DMPA-SC) is registered in many countries. It shows great potential for improving contraceptive access, continuation, a...

    Authors: Adeniyi Kolade Aderoba, Petrus Schoken Steyn and James Njogu Kiarie
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:114
  15. Appropriate dissemination of public health evidence is of high importance to ensure that scientific knowledge reaches potential stakeholders and relevant population groups. A wide distrust towards science and ...

    Authors: Stefanie Maria Helmer, Katja Matthias, Lea Mergenthal, Mia Reimer and Karina Karolina De Santis
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:113
  16. Systematic reviews that assess the benefits of interventions often do not completely capture all dimensions of the adverse effects. This cross-sectional study (part 1 of 2 studies) assessed whether adverse eff...

    Authors: Pauline A. J. Steegmans, Nicola Di Girolamo, Shandra Bipat and Reint A. Meursinge Reynders
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:112
  17. The mental health and wellbeing of care-experienced children and young people (i.e. foster care, kinship care, residential care) is poorer than non-care-experienced populations. The Care-experienced cHildren a...

    Authors: Rhiannon Evans, Sarah MacDonald, Rob Trubey, Jane Noyes, Michael Robling, Simone Willis, Maria Boffey, Charlotte Wooders, Soo Vinnicombe and G. J. Melendez-Torres
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:111
  18. Cerebral Palsy (CP) is the most common childhood physical disability worldwide. Approximately 1.5 to 4 children per live births live with CP, globally. There have been no specific treatments that can reverse t...

    Authors: Noxolo E. Duma, Mbuzeleni Hlongwa, Natalie Benjamin-Damons and Khumbulani W. Hlongwana
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:110
  19. Informal learning experiences in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) can enhance STEM learning that occurs in formal educational settings and curricula as well as generate enthusiasm for consider...

    Authors: Ronda J. Jenson, Michele S Lee, Arden D. Day, Amy E. Hughes, Emma E. Maroushek and Kelly D. Roberts
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:109
  20. Indigenous young people worldwide possess unique protective factors that support wellbeing. However, they experience mental illness at higher rates than their non-indigenous counterparts. Digital mental health...

    Authors: Josie Povey, Buaphrao Raphiphatthana, Michelle Torok, Tricia Nagel, Patj Patj Janama Robert Mills, Joshua Russell Howard Sells, Fiona Shand, Michelle Sweet, Anne Lowell and Kylie Dingwall
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:108
  21. Intimate partner violence is a devastating human rights violation and public health problem with high prevalence rates globally. Intimate partner violence during pregnancy is associated with devastating matern...

    Authors: Leah Schrubbe, Claudia García-Moreno, Lynnmarie Sardinha and Heidi Stöckl
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:107

    The Correction to this article has been published in Systematic Reviews 2023 12:136

  22. Global epidemiological data indicates that despite implementation of multiple interventions and significant financial investment, the HIV/AIDS epidemic remained inadequately controlled as of 2020. E-health pre...

    Authors: Lei Wang, Xiang-yu Yan, Lin Mei, Zhong-wei Jia, Rui-gang Hao, Ji-hong Xu and Bo Zhang
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:106
  23. Interprofessional rehabilitation programs have demonstrated effectiveness at improving health-related quality of life, function, work abilities, and reducing pain, for patients with chronic low back pain (CLBP...

    Authors: Sintayehu Daba Wami, Solomon Fasika, Catherine Donnelly, Kassahun Alemu Gelaye, Abdul Pullatayil and Jordan Miller
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:105
  24. The physician–patient encounter presents an ideal opportunity for physical activity (PA) promotion. This review aims to (i) explore the breadth and depth of existing literature investigating doctors’ perceptio...

    Authors: Gemma Woodhead, Divya Sivaramakrishnan and Graham Baker
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:104
  25. Cervical cancer is a major global health issue, with 89% of cases occurring in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Human papillomavirus (HPV) self-sampling tests have been suggested as an innovative way ...

    Authors: Selamawit F. Mekuria, Sydney Timmermans, Christer Borgfeldt, Mats Jerkeman, Pia Johansson and Ditte Søndergaard Linde
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:103
  26. Sport is a subset of physical activity that can be particularly beneficial for short-and-long-term physical and mental health, and social outcomes in adults. This study presents the results of an updated syste...

    Authors: Narelle Eather, Levi Wade, Aurélie Pankowiak and Rochelle Eime
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:102
  27. Knowledge about the risks of drugs during pregnancy is continuously evolving due to the frequent publication of a large number of epidemiological studies. Systematic reviews and meta-analyses therefore need to...

    Authors: Cyndie Picot, Priscilla Ajiji, Lucie Jurek, Mikail Nourredine, Jérôme Massardier, Audrey Peron, Michel Cucherat and Judith Cottin
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:101
  28. Conducting a systematic review demands a significant amount of effort in screening titles and abstracts. To accelerate this process, various tools that utilize active learning have been proposed. These tools a...

    Authors: Gerbrich Ferdinands, Raoul Schram, Jonathan de Bruin, Ayoub Bagheri, Daniel L. Oberski, Lars Tummers, Jelle Jasper Teijema and Rens van de Schoot
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:100
  29. It is critical that abstracts of systematic reviews transparently report both the beneficial and adverse effects of interventions without misleading the readers. This cross-sectional study assessed whether adv...

    Authors: Pauline A. J. Steegmans, Nicola Di Girolamo and Reint A. Meursinge Reynders
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:99

    The Correction to this article has been published in Systematic Reviews 2024 13:90

  30. Data continue to accumulate indicating that many systematic reviews are methodologically flawed, biased, redundant, or uninformative. Some improvements have occurred in recent years based on empirical methods ...

    Authors: Kat Kolaski, Lynne Romeiser Logan and John P. A. Ioannidis
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:96
  31. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an unprecedented amount of scientific publications, growing at a pace never seen before. Multiple living systematic reviews have been developed to assist professionals with up-...

    Authors: Julien Knafou, Quentin Haas, Nikolay Borissov, Michel Counotte, Nicola Low, Hira Imeri, Aziz Mert Ipekci, Diana Buitrago-Garcia, Leonie Heron, Poorya Amini and Douglas Teodoro
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:94
  32. Meta-analyses are on top of the evidence-based medicine pyramid, yet many of them are not completed after they are begun. Many factors impacting the publication of meta-analysis works have been discussed, and ...

    Authors: Le Huu Nhat Minh, Huu-Hoai Le, Gehad Mohamed Tawfik, Omar Mohamed Makram, Thuan Tieu, Luu Lam Thang Tai, Dang The Hung, Van Phu Tran, Karim Mohamed Shahin, Ali Ahmed-Fouad Abozaid, Jaffer Shah, Nguyen Hai Nam and Nguyen Tien Huy
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:93
  33. Intravitreal anti-vascular endothelial growth factor (anti-VEGF) injections play a key role in treating a range of macular diseases. The effectiveness of these therapies is dependent on patients’ adherence (th...

    Authors: Haris Shahzad, Sajid Mahmood, Sean McGee, Jessica Hubbard, Sayeed Haque, Vibhu Paudyal, Alastair K. Denniston, Lisa J. Hill and Zahraa Jalal
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:92
  34. The chronicity of congenital heart disease (CHD) comes with significant psychosocial consequences for both children and adolescents living with CHD and their primary caregivers. Children and adolescents living...

    Authors: Tamara L. Dorfman, Mandy Archibald, Mark Haykowsky and Shannon D. Scott
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:90

    The Correction to this article has been published in Systematic Reviews 2023 12:98

  35. Malaria presents a significant global public health burden, although substantial progress has been made, with vector control initiatives such as indoor residual surface spraying with insecticides and insectici...

    Authors: Zachary Munn, Jennifer C. Stone, Timothy Hugh Barker, Carrie Price, Danielle Pollock, Alinune Nathanael Kabaghe, John E. Gimnig and Jennifer C. Stevenson
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:89
  36. Ongoing symptoms or the development of new symptoms following a SARS-CoV-2 diagnosis has caused a complex clinical problem known as “long COVID” (LC). This has introduced further pressure on global healthcare ...

    Authors: Arun Natarajan, Ashish Shetty, Gayathri Delanerolle, Yutian Zeng, Yingzhe Zhang, Vanessa Raymont, Shanaya Rathod, Sam Halabi, Kathryn Elliot, Jian Qing Shi and Peter Phiri
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:88
  37. Although the scientific literature has previously described the impact of worksite programs based on physical activity (WPPAs) on employees’ productivity and health in different contexts, the effect of these p...

    Authors: Maria Marin-Farrona, Brad Wipfli, Saurabh S. Thosar, Enrique Colino, Jorge Garcia-Unanue, Leonor Gallardo, Jose Luis Felipe and Jorge López-Fernández
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:87
  38. Intact cognitive function is crucial for healthy aging. Functional social support is thought to protect against cognitive decline. We conducted a systematic review to investigate the association between functi...

    Authors: Lana Mogic, Emily C. Rutter, Suzanne L. Tyas, Colleen J. Maxwell, Megan E. O’Connell and Mark Oremus
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:86
  39. COVID-19 led to a rapid acceleration in the number of systematic reviews. Readers need to know how up to date evidence is when selecting reviews to inform decisions. This cross-sectional study aimed to evaluat...

    Authors: Steve McDonald, Simon L. Turner, Phi-Yen Nguyen, Matthew J. Page and Tari Turner
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:85
  40. Chronic diseases, such as cancers and cardiovascular diseases, present the greatest burden of morbidity and mortality worldwide. This burden disproportionately affects historically marginalized populations. He...

    Authors: Callie Walsh-Bailey, Amanda Gilbert, Thembekile Shato, Brittney Sandler, Ana A. Baumann, Cory D. Bradley, Gabriella M. McLoughlin, F. Hunter McGuire, Meredith P. Fort and Rachel G. Tabak
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:83
  41. Evidence has shown that private industry-sponsored randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and meta-analyses are more likely to report intervention-favourable results compared with other sources of funding. Howeve...

    Authors: Areti Angeliki Veroniki, Eric Kai Chung Wong, Carole Lunny, Juan Camilo Martinez Molina, Ivan D. Florez, Andrea C. Tricco and Sharon E. Straus
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:81
  42. Chronic heart disease affects millions of people worldwide and the prevalence is increasing. By now, there is an extensive literature on outpatient care of people with chronic heart disease. We aimed to system...

    Authors: Madlen Hoerold, Heike Heytens, Carla Maria Debbeler, Saskia Ehrentreich, Thomas Rauwolf, Alexander Schmeißer, Marc Gottschalk, Eva Maria Bitzer, Ruediger C. Braun-Dullaeus and Christian J. Apfelbacher
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:80
  43. Medical schools have used mindfulness meditation as a strategy to assist students in stress management. This study aimed to seek evidence regarding the effectiveness of mindfulness-based training programs in r...

    Authors: Claudia Cardoso Gomes da Silva, Cláudia Vicari Bolognani, Fábio Ferreira Amorim and Aline Mizusaki Imoto
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:79
  44. The World Health Organization announced the outbreak of the Coronavirus disease as a global pandemic on March 11, 2020. Since then, rapid implementation of telehealth approaches into the healthcare system have...

    Authors: Sharan Jaswal, Joyce Lo, Gobika Sithamparanathan and Behdin Nowrouzi-Kia
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:76

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