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  1. Chinese herbal medicine has been used to treat hypertension in China and East Asia since centuries. In this study, we conduct an overview of systematic reviews of Chinese herbal medicine in the treatment of pr...

    Authors: Zhao Xinke, Li Yingdong, Feng Mingxia, Liu Kai, Chen Kaibing, Lu Yuqing, Sun Shaobo, Song Peng and Liu Bin
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:180
  2. In 2013, there was a shortage of approximately 7.2 million health workers worldwide, which is larger among family physicians than among specialists. eLearning could provide a potential solution to some of thes...

    Authors: Živa Cotič, Rebecca Rees, Petra A. Wark and Josip Car
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:179
  3. mLearning is increasingly presented as an attractive novel educational strategy for medical and nursing education. Yet, evidence base for its effectiveness or factors which influence use, success, implementati...

    Authors: Charmaine Krishnasamy, Sik Yin Ong, Yvonne Yock, Issac Lim, Rebecca Rees and Josip Car
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:178
  4. Cluster randomised trials (CRTs) are a key instrument to evaluate public health interventions, particularly in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Fidelity assessment examines study processes to gauge wh...

    Authors: Myriam Cielo Pérez, Nanor Minoyan, Valéry Ridde, Marie-Pierre Sylvestre and Mira Johri
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:177
  5. Telemedicine applications aim to address variance in clinical outcomes and increase access to specialist expertise. Despite widespread implementation, there is little robust evidence about cost-effectiveness, ...

    Authors: Nicola Mackintosh, Marius Terblanche, Ritesh Maharaj, Andreas Xyrichis, Karen Franklin, Jamie Keddie, Emily Larkins, Anna Maslen, James Skinner, Samuel Newman, Joana Hiew De Sousa Magalhaes and Jane Sandall
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:176
  6. Resource and geographic barriers are the commonly cited constraints preventing the uptake of psychological treatment for chronic pain management. For adults, there is some evidence to support the use of inform...

    Authors: Angeline Traynor, Eimear Morrissey, Jonathan Egan and Brian E. McGuire
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:175
  7. Journal abstracts including those reporting systematic reviews (SR) should contain sufficiently clear and accurate information for adequate comprehension and interpretation. The aim was to compare the quality ...

    Authors: Jean Joel R. Bigna, Lewis N. Um and Jobert Richie N. Nansseu
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:174
  8. Failure to successfully implement and sustain change over the long term continues to be a major problem in health and social care. Translating evidence into routine clinical practice is notoriously complex, an...

    Authors: Stephan U. Dombrowski, Pauline Campbell, Helen Frost, Alex Pollock, Julie McLellan, Steve MacGillivray, Anna Gavine, Margaret Maxwell, Ronan O’Carroll, Helen Cheyne, Justin Presseau and Brian Williams
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:173
  9. Overviews of methods are potentially useful means to increase clarity and enhance collective understanding of specific methods topics that may be characterized by ambiguity, inconsistency, or a lack of compreh...

    Authors: Stephen J. Gentles, Cathy Charles, David B. Nicholas, Jenny Ploeg and K. Ann McKibbon
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:172
  10. Given limited resources and time constraints, the use of existing systematic reviews (SR) for the development of evidence-based public health recommendations has become increasingly important. Recently, a five...

    Authors: Thomas Harder, Cornelius Remschmidt, Sebastian Haller, Tim Eckmanns and Ole Wichmann
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:171
  11. Western publicly funded health care systems increasingly rely on interdisciplinary teams to support primary care delivery and management of chronic conditions. This knowledge synthesis focuses on what is known...

    Authors: W. Dominika Wranik, Jill A. Hayden, Sheri Price, Robin M.N. Parker, Susan M. Haydt, Jeanette M. Edwards, Esther Suter, Alan Katz, Liesl L. Gambold and Adrian R. Levy
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:170
  12. Distinguishing hydatidiform moles (HMs) from non-molar specimens and the subclassification of HM are important because complete hydatidiform mole (CHM) is associated with an increased risk of gestational troph...

    Authors: Jose Mauro Madi, Antonio Rodrigues Braga, Machline Paim Paganella, Isnard Elman Litvin and Eliana Márcia Da Ros Wendland
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:169
  13. Approximately half of new invasive breast cancer cases diagnosed each year in the United States occur among women aged 65 years and older. The increasing life expectancy coupled with the attendant rise in brea...

    Authors: Joshua Demb, Isabel Allen and Dejana Braithwaite
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:168
  14. NHS England’s Five Year Forward View (NHS England, Five Year Forward View, 2014) formally introduced a strategy for new models of care driven by simultaneous pressures to contain costs, improve care and delive...

    Authors: Alison Turner, Abeda Mulla, Andrew Booth, Shiona Aldridge, Sharon Stevens, Fraser Battye and Peter Spilsbury
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:167
  15. Life-long specialized care is of the utmost importance to safeguard longevity as well as the quality of life in children diagnosed with a chronic condition (CC). Provision of life-long care, however, infers tr...

    Authors: Mariela Acuña Mora, Philip Moons, Carina Sparud-Lundin, Ewa-Lena Bratt and Eva Goossens
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:166
  16. Pain is the most troubling issue to patients with osteoarthritis (OA), yet current pharmacological treatments offer only small-to-moderate pain reduction. Current guidelines therefore emphasise the need to ide...

    Authors: Monica S. M. Persson, Yu Fu, Archan Bhattacharya, Siew-Li Goh, Marienke van Middelkoop, Sita M. A. Bierma-Zeinstra, David Walsh, Michael Doherty and Weiya Zhang
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:165
  17. Grey literature includes a range of documents not controlled by commercial publishing organisations. This means that grey literature can be difficult to search and retrieve for evidence synthesis. Much knowled...

    Authors: Jean Adams, Frances C. Hillier-Brown, Helen J. Moore, Amelia A. Lake, Vera Araujo-Soares, Martin White and Carolyn Summerbell
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:164
  18. Numerous surveys have shown that orthodontic mini implants (OMIs) are underused in clinical practice. To investigate this implementation issue, we conducted a systematic review to (1) identify barriers and fac...

    Authors: Reint Meursinge Reynders, Laura Ronchi, Luisa Ladu, Nicola Di Girolamo, Jan de Lange, Nia Roberts and Sharon Mickan
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:163

    The Erratum to this article has been published in Systematic Reviews 2016 5:181

  19. Impetigo, scabies, and fungal skin infections disproportionately affect populations in resource-limited settings. Evidence for standard treatment of skin infections predominantly stem from hospital-based studi...

    Authors: Philippa May, Asha Bowen, Steven Tong, Andrew Steer, Sam Prince, Ross Andrews, Bart Currie and Jonathan Carapetis
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:162
  20. Osteoporosis is a global high prevalence of chronic metabolic disease with serious disability-adjusted life years losing. Acupuncture is used to treat osteoporosis broadly in China and other countries although...

    Authors: Taipin Guo, Xiao Chen, Xiangnong Wu, Exian Shan, Yaju Jin, Xiantao Tai, Zili Liu, Bowen Zhu, Kai Yuan and Zukun Chen
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:161
  21. Antiretroviral therapies for human immunodeficiency virus are more effective if infected individuals are diagnosed early, before they have irreversible immunologic damage. A large proportion of patients that a...

    Authors: Benhildah N. Rumbwere Dube, Tom P. Marshall and Ronan P. Ryan
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:158
  22. Sedatives and analgesics are administered to provide sedation and manage agitation and pain in most critically ill mechanically ventilated patients. Various sedation administration strategies including protoco...

    Authors: Brian Hutton, Lisa D. Burry, Salmaan Kanji, Sangeeta Mehta, Melanie Guenette, Claudio M. Martin, Dean A. Fergusson, Neill K. Adhikari, Ingrid Egerod, David Williamson, Sharon Straus, David Moher, E. Wesley Ely and Louise Rose
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:157
  23. There is a lack of high-quality meta-analyses and network meta-analyses of immunosuppressive drugs for lupus nephritis. Our objective was to assess the comparative benefits and harms of immunosuppressive drugs...

    Authors: Jasvinder A. Singh, Alomgir Hossain, Ahmed Kotb and George A. Wells
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:155
  24. Sedation is an important consideration in the care of the neurocritically ill patient. It provides anxiety and relief, facilitates procedures and nursing tasks, and minimizes intolerance of mechanical ventilat...

    Authors: Alexandre Tran, Henrietta Blinder, Brian Hutton and Shane English
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:154
  25. Delirium is characterized by acute changes in mental status including inattention, disorganized thinking, and altered level of consciousness, and is highly prevalent in critically ill adults. Delirium has adve...

    Authors: L.D. Burry, B. Hutton, M. Guenette, D. Williamson, S. Mehta, I. Egerod, S. Kanji, N.K. Adhikari, D. Moher, C.M. Martin and L. Rose
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:153
  26. Chronic wounds impose a significant and often underappreciated burden to the individual, the healthcare system and the society as a whole. Preliminary literature search suggests that there are at present no re...

    Authors: Krister Järbrink, Gao Ni, Henrik Sönnergren, Artur Schmidtchen, Caroline Pang, Ram Bajpai and Josip Car
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:152
  27. Viscoelastic tests, including thromboelastography (TEG) and rotational thromboelastometry (ROTEM), provide a global assessment of haemostatic function at the point of care. The use of a TEG or ROTEM system to ...

    Authors: Kate Elizabeth McCrossin, David Edmund Piers Bramley, Elizabeth Hessian, Evelyn Hutcheon and Georgina Imberger
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:151
  28. Pressure ulcers are a serious, common, lifelong, and costly secondary complication of spinal cord injury (SCI). Community-dwelling people with a SCI can prevent them with appropriate skin care (i.e. pressure r...

    Authors: Justine Baron, Jillian Swaine, J. Presseau, Arlene Aspinall, Susan Jaglal, Barry White, Dalton Wolfe and Jeremy Grimshaw
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:150
  29. In term infants, there is evidence that early complementary feeding is a risk factor for childhood obesity. Therefore, timely introduction of complementary feeding during infancy is necessary. The World Health...

    Authors: Karin M. Vissers, Edith J. M. Feskens, Johannes B. van Goudoever and Arieke J. Janse
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:149
  30. This systematic review evaluated St. John’s wort (SJW) for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). The objectives of this review are to (1) evaluate the efficacy and safety of SJW in adults with MDD ...

    Authors: Eric A. Apaydin, Alicia R. Maher, Roberta Shanman, Marika S. Booth, Jeremy N. V. Miles, Melony E. Sorbero and Susanne Hempel
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:148
  31. ‘Exercise’ is universally recommended as a core treatment for knee and hip osteoarthritis (OA). However, there are very few head-to-head comparative trials to determine the relative efficacy between different ...

    Authors: Siew-Li Goh, Monica S. M. Persson, Archan Bhattacharya, Michelle Hall, Michael Doherty and Weiya Zhang
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:147
  32. Chronic conditions are increasingly more common and negatively impact quality of life, disability, morbidity, and mortality. Health coaching has emerged as a possible intervention to help individuals with chro...

    Authors: Kasey R. Boehmer, Suzette Barakat, Sangwoo Ahn, Larry J. Prokop, Patricia J. Erwin and M. Hassan Murad
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:146
  33. Phantom limb pain (PLP) is characterized by the anatomical shifting of neighbouring somatosensory and motor areas into a deafferented cortical area of the brain contralateral to the amputated limb. It has been...

    Authors: Katleho Limakatso, Lieselotte Corten and Romy Parker
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:145
  34. The parameters of the optic disc and peripapillary retinal nerve fibre layer (pRNFL) in premature children may vary with disease processes that contribute to visual impairment and blindness and so could be use...

    Authors: Alexandra L. Creavin, Cathy E. M. Williams, Kate Tilling, Karen Luyt, Nicholas Timpson and Julian P. T. Higgins
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:144
  35. The aim of this study is to assess the impact of routine MRI surveillance to detect tumour recurrence in children with no new neurological signs or symptoms compared with alternative follow-up practices, inclu...

    Authors: Caroline Main, Simon P. Stevens, Simon Bailey, Robert Phillips, Barry Pizer, Keith Wheatley, Pamela R. Kearns, Martin English, Sophie Wilne and Jayne S. Wilson
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:143
  36. Oral potentially malignant disorders (OPMDs) are chronic lesions or conditions characterized by a potential for malignant transformation. Apart from being possible pre-cursors to oral cancer, OPMDs themselves ...

    Authors: Zohaib Khan, Sheraz Khan, Lara Christianson, Sara Rehman, Obinna Ekwunife and Florence Samkange-Zeeb
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:142
  37. The rising prevalence of obesity, particularly in childhood, is a global public health emergency. There is some evidence that exposure to non-parental childcare before age 6 years is associated with subsequent...

    Authors: Silvia Costa, Jean Adams, Veronica Phillips and Sara E Benjamin Neelon
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:141
  38. Meta-research studies investigating methods, systems, and processes designed to improve the efficiency of systematic review workflows can contribute to building an evidence base that can help to increase value...

    Authors: Ian Shemilt, Nada Khan, Sophie Park and James Thomas
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:140
  39. With the non-medical use of prescription opioids increasingly becoming a method of abuse in Canada, the number of patients requiring methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) for opioid use disorder has increased ...

    Authors: Laura Zielinski, Meha Bhatt, Rebecca B. Eisen, Stefan Perera, Neera Bhatnagar, James MacKillop, Meir Steiner, Stephanie McDermid Vaz, Lehana Thabane and Zainab Samaan
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:139
  40. Randomised controlled trials (RCTs) of complex interventions in primary health care (PHC) are needed to provide evidence-based programmes to achieve the Declaration of Alma Ata goal of making PHC equitable, ac...

    Authors: Hueiming Liu, Janini Muhunthan, Adina Hayek, Maree Hackett, Tracey-Lea Laba, David Peiris and Stephen Jan
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:138
  41. Many interventions have been implemented to improve maternal health outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Currently, however, systematic information on the effectiveness of these interventions remains scarce. ...

    Authors: Frederick M. Wekesah, Chidozie E. Mbada, Adamson S. Muula, Caroline W. Kabiru, Stella K. Muthuri and Chimaraoke O. Izugbara
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:137
  42. With the accumulation of evidence regarding potential harms of cancer screening in recent years, researchers, policy-makers, and the public are becoming more critical of population-based cancer screening. Cons...

    Authors: Brianne Wood, Susan Rogers Van Katwyk, Ziad El-Khatib, Susan McFaul, Monica Taljaard, Erica Wright, Ian D. Graham and Julian Little
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:136
  43. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a respiratory syndrome characterized by progressive, partially reversible airway obstruction and lung hyperinflation. COPD has a substantial burden which is seen...

    Authors: Christopher Plishka, Thomas Rotter, Leigh Kinsman, Mohammed Rashaad Hansia, Adegboyega Lawal, Donna Goodridge, Erika Penz and Darcy D. Marciniuk
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:135
  44. Diabetic retinopathy is a serious complication of diabetes which, if left untreated, can result in blindness. Population screening among people with diabetes has been shown to be clinically effective; however,...

    Authors: Ella Graham-Rowe, Fabiana Lorencatto, John G. Lawrenson, Jennifer Burr, Jeremy M. Grimshaw, Noah M. Ivers, Tunde Peto, Catey Bunce and Jill J. Francis
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:134
  45. Mesothelin is a membrane-bound glycoprotein. Although the biologic function of mesothelin is not very clear, researchers have found that it plays a role in the survival, proliferation, and migration of tumor c...

    Authors: Mei Wang, Aihua Li, Guangwen Sun, Lawrence Mbuagbaw, Susan Reid, Peter J. Lovrics and Lehana Thabane
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:133
  46. To provide evidence synthesis for faster-paced healthcare decision-making, rapid reviews have emerged as a streamlined alternative to standard systematic reviews. In 2012, the Veterans Affairs Evidence-based S...

    Authors: Kim Peterson, Nicole Floyd, Lauren Ferguson, Vivian Christensen and Mark Helfand
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:132
  47. Randomised controlled trials guard against selection bias and therefore offer the fairest way of evaluating healthcare interventions such as medicinal products, devices and services. Recruitment to trials can ...

    Authors: Heidi R. Gardner, Cynthia Fraser, Graeme MacLennan and Shaun Treweek
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2016 5:131

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