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  1. Studies have reported an impact of central obesity on people’s health. The literature is scarce on the effects of waist circumference (WC) on pulmonary function. Our objective was to review the literature on t...

    Authors: Fernando César Wehrmeister, Ana Maria Baptista Menezes, Ludmila Correa Muniz, Jeovany Martínez-Mesa, Marlos Rodrigues Domingues and Bernardo Lessa Horta
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:55
  2. Patients’ expectations of treatment effects may contribute to positive (placebo) and negative (nocebo) outcomes. The effect of patient expectations may be pronounced in subjectively assessed conditions, such a...

    Authors: Frederik Feys, Geertruida E Bekkering, Kavita Singh and Dirk Devroey
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:54
  3. There is concern that some veterans of armed forces, in particular those with mental health, drug or alcohol problems, experience difficulty returning to a civilian way of life and may subsequently come into c...

    Authors: James Taylor, Tessa Parkes, Sally Haw and Ruth Jepson
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:53
  4. The enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) programme is a multimodal evidence-based approach to surgical care which begins in the preoperative setting and extends through to patient discharge in the postoperat...

    Authors: Lesley Gotlib Conn, Ori D Rotstein, Elisa Greco, Andrea C Tricco, Laure Perrier, Charlene Soobiah and Tony Moloney
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:52
  5. The use of financial incentives and penalties to encourage uptake of healthy behaviors is increasingly seen as a viable intervention in developed countries. Previous reviews of the effectiveness of financial i...

    Authors: Jean Adams, Emma L Giles, Shannon Robalino, Elaine McColl and Falko F Sniehotta
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:51
  6. Systematic reviewers are increasingly trying to obtain regulatory clinical study reports (CSRs) to correct for publication bias. For instance, our organization, the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Heal...

    Authors: Beate Wieseler, Natalie McGauran, Michaela F Kerekes and Thomas Kaiser
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:50
  7. Accessible sexual, reproductive, and mental healthcare services are crucial for adolescent health and wellbeing. It has been reported that school-based healthcare (SBHC) has the potential to improve the availa...

    Authors: Amanda J Mason-Jones, Carolyn Crisp, Mariette Momberg, Joy Koech, Petra De Koker and Cathy Mathews
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:49
  8. School-based interventions and campaigns are used to promote health and address a wide variety of public health problems. Schools are considered to be key sites for the implementation of health promotion progr...

    Authors: Mark Pearson, Roy Chilton, Helen B Woods, Katrina Wyatt, Tamsin Ford, Charles Abraham and Rob Anderson
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:48
  9. Diabetes and increased age are known risk factors for physical disability. With the increasing prevalence of diabetes within our aging population, the future burden of disability is expected to increase. To da...

    Authors: Evelyn Wong, Kathryn Backholer, Jessica Harding, Emma Gearon, Christopher Stevenson, Rosanne Freak-Poli and Anna Peeters
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:47
  10. Co-morbid symptoms (for example, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and fatigue) are particularly common in military fighters returning from the current conflicts, who have experienced physical and/or psycholo...

    Authors: Courtney Lee, Cindy Crawford, Dawn Wallerstedt, Alexandra York, Alaine Duncan, Jennifer Smith, Meredith Sprengel, Richard Welton and Wayne Jonas
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:46
  11. Older adults experience activity and participation limitations that are associated with ageing. Activity and participation limitations affect an older adult’s ability to engage in meaningful daily activities a...

    Authors: Kylie Wales, Lindy Clemson, Natasha A Lannin and Ian D Cameron
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:45
  12. Many drugs and treatments given to patients for various reasons affect their weight. This side effect is of great importance to patients and is also a concern for the treating physician because weight change m...

    Authors: Juan Pablo Domecq, Gabriela Prutsky, Zhen Wang, Tarig Elraiyah, Juan Pablo Brito, Karen Mauck, Mohammed H Lababidi, Aaron Leppin, Salman Fidahussein, Larry J Prokop, Victor M Montori and Mohammad H Murad
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:44
  13. All randomized clinical trials (RCTs) require a protocol; however, numerous studies have highlighted protocol deficiencies. Reporting guidelines may improve the content of research reports and, if developed us...

    Authors: Jennifer M Tetzlaff, An-Wen Chan, Jessica Kitchen, Margaret Sampson, Andrea C Tricco and David Moher
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:43
  14. The role of intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) in percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI) is still controversial despite several previously published meta-analyses. A meta-analysis to evaluate the controversial...

    Authors: Lucas Lodi-Junqueira, Marcos Roberto de Sousa, Leonardo Carvalho da Paixão, Silvana Márcia Bruschi Kelles, Carlos Faria Santos Amaral and Antonio L Ribeiro
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:42
  15. Network meta-analysis is becoming increasingly popular for establishing comparative effectiveness among multiple interventions for the same disease. Network meta-analysis inherits all methodological challenges...

    Authors: Kristian Thorlund and Edward J Mills
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:41
  16. Perioperative pain management has recently been revolutionized with the recognition of novel mechanisms and introduction of newer drugs. Many randomized trials have studied the use of the gabapentinoid anti-ep...

    Authors: Naveen Eipe, John Penning, Mohammed Ansari, Fatemeh Yazdi and Nadera Ahmadzai
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:40
  17. Recent developments related to a safe and effective nonabsorbable antibiotic, rifaximin, and identification of postinfectious irritable bowel syndrome as a frequent sequela call for a need to reconsider the va...

    Authors: Sanjin Alajbegovic, John W Sanders, Deborah E Atherly and Mark S Riddle
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:39
  18. Systematic reviews are promoted as being important to inform decision-making. However, when presented with a set of reviews in a complex area, how easy is it to understand how and why they may differ from one ...

    Authors: Jenny Woodman, James Thomas and Kelly Dickson
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:37
  19. The purpose of this project was to conduct an overview of existing systematic reviews to evaluate the effectiveness of reminders in changing professional behavior in clinical settings.

    Authors: Amy Cheung, Michelle Weir, Alain Mayhew, Nicole Kozloff, Kaitlyn Brown and Jeremy Grimshaw
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:36
  20. Influenza vaccines are most effective when the antigens in the vaccine match those of circulating influenza strains. The extent to which the vaccine is protective when circulating strains differ from vaccine a...

    Authors: Andrea C Tricco, Ayman Chit, David Hallett, Charlene Soobiah, Genevieve Meier, Maggie Chen, Mariam Tashkandi, Chris Bauch and Mark Loeb
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:35
  21. Hyperprolactinemia is a common endocrine disorder that can be associated with significant morbidity. We conducted a systematic review and meta-analyses of outcomes of hyperprolactinemic patients, including mic...

    Authors: Amy T Wang, Rebecca J Mullan, Melanie A Lane, Ahmad Hazem, Chaithra Prasad, Nicola W Gathaiya, M Mercè Fernández-Balsells, Amy Bagatto, Fernando Coto-Yglesias, Jantey Carey, Tarig A Elraiyah, Patricia J Erwin, Gunjan Y Gandhi, Victor M Montori and Mohammad Hassan Murad
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:33
  22. Approximately 35 million people world-wide have Alzheimer’s disease and this is projected to nearly double by 2030. Cognitive enhancers, including cholinesterase inhibitors (for example, donepezil, galantamine...

    Authors: Andrea C Tricco, Sondra vanderVaart, Charlene Soobiah, Erin Lillie, Laure Perrier, Maggie H Chen, Brenda Hemmelgarn, Sumit R Majumdar and Sharon E Straus
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:31
  23. High rates of childhood maltreatment have been documented in HIV-positive men and women. In addition, mental disorders are highly prevalent in both HIV-infected individuals and victims of childhood maltreatmen...

    Authors: Georgina Spies, Tracie O Afifi, Sarah L Archibald, Christine Fennema-Notestine, Jitender Sareen and Soraya Seedat
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:30
  24. This paper argues that the current proliferation of types of systematic reviews creates challenges for the terminology for describing such reviews. Terminology is necessary for planning, describing, appraising...

    Authors: David Gough, James Thomas and Sandy Oliver
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:28
  25. Canada’s diverse society and statutory commitment to multiculturalism means that the synthesis of knowledge related to the health care experiences of immigrants is essential to realize the health potential for...

    Authors: Gina M A Higginbottom, Myfanwy Morgan, Jayantha Dassanayake, Helgi Eyford, Mirande Alexandre, Yvonne Chiu, Joan Forgeron and Deb Kocay
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:27
  26. The objective of this systematic review was to examine the benefits, harms and pharmacokinetic interactions arising from the co-administration of commonly used dietary supplements with cardiovascular drugs. Ma...

    Authors: Salmaan Kanji, Dugald Seely, Fatemeh Yazdi, Jennifer Tetzlaff, Kavita Singh, Alexander Tsertsvadze, Andrea C Tricco, Margaret E Sears, Teik C Ooi, Michele A Turek, Becky Skidmore and Mohammed T Ansari
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:26
  27. Elderly individuals who have memory problems without significant limitations in activities of daily living are often diagnosed as having mild cognitive impairment (MCI). Some of these individuals progress to d...

    Authors: Andrea C Tricco, Charlene Soobiah, Erin Lillie, Laure Perrier, Maggie H Chen, Brenda Hemmelgarn, Sumit R Majumdar and Sharon E Straus
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:25
  28. Reporting of health research is often inadequate and incomplete. Complete and transparent reporting is imperative to enable readers to assess the validity of research findings for use in healthcare and policy ...

    Authors: Larissa Shamseer, Adrienne Stevens, Becky Skidmore, Lucy Turner, Douglas G Altman, Allison Hirst, John Hoey, Anita Palepu, Iveta Simera, Kenneth Schulz and David Moher
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:24
  29. In April 2005, researchers based at the Medical Research Council Clinical Trials Unit, set out to involve women affected by cervical cancer in a systematic review and meta-analysis of individual patient data t...

    Authors: Claire L Vale, Jayne F Tierney, Nicolette Spera, Andrea Whelan, Alison Nightingale and Bec Hanley
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:23
  30. There is a significant public health burden associated with substance use in Canada. The early detection and/or treatment of risky substance use has the potential to dramatically improve outcomes for those who...

    Authors: Matthew M Young, Adrienne Stevens, Amy Porath-Waller, Tyler Pirie, Chantelle Garritty, Becky Skidmore, Lucy Turner, Cheryl Arratoon, Nancy Haley, Karen Leslie, Rhoda Reardon, Beth Sproule, Jeremy Grimshaw and David Moher
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:22
  31. Obstructive sleep apnea is a relatively common disorder that can lead to lost productivity and cardiovascular disease. The form of positive airway treatment that should be offered is unclear.

    Authors: Stanley Ip, Carolyn D'Ambrosio, Kamal Patel, Ndidiamaka Obadan, Georgios D Kitsios, Mei Chung and Ethan M Balk
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:20
  32. Over the past few years, information retrieval has become more and more professionalized, and information specialists are considered full members of a research team conducting systematic reviews. Research grou...

    Authors: Elke Hausner, Siw Waffenschmidt, Thomas Kaiser and Michael Simon
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:19
  33. In meta-regression, as the number of trials in the analyses decreases, the risk of false positives or false negatives increases. This is partly due to the assumption of normality that may not hold in small sam...

    Authors: Joel J Gagnier, David Moher, Heather Boon, Claire Bombardier and Joseph Beyene
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:18
  34. Mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) is a major public-health concern and represents 70-90% of all treated traumatic brain injuries. The last best-evidence synthesis, conducted by the WHO Collaborating Centre fo...

    Authors: Carol Cancelliere, J David Cassidy, Pierre Côté, Cesar A Hincapié, Jan Hartvigsen, Linda J Carroll, Connie Marras, Eleanor Boyle, Vicki Kristman, Ryan Hung, Britt-Marie Stålnacke, Peter Rumney, Victor Coronado, Lena W Holm, Jörgen Borg, Catharina Nygren-de Boussard…
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:17
  35. There is growing evidence of the impact of overweight and obesity on short- and long-term functioning, health and well-being. Internationally, childhood obesity rates continue to rise in some countries (for ex...

    Authors: Clare L Bambra, Frances C Hillier, Helen J Moore and Carolyn D Summerbell
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:16
  36. Systematic reviews have become increasingly critical to informing healthcare policy; however, they remain a time-consuming and labor-intensive activity. The extraction of data from constituent studies comprise...

    Authors: Stanley Ip, Nira Hadar, Sarah Keefe, Christopher Parkin, Ramon Iovin, Ethan M Balk and Joseph Lau
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:15
  37. Several systematic reviews and meta-analyses populate the literature on the effectiveness of laparoscopic surgery for colorectal cancer. The utility of this body of work is unclear. The objective of this study...

    Authors: Guillaume Martel, Suleena Duhaime, Jeffrey S Barkun, Robin P Boushey, Craig R Ramsay and Dean A Fergusson
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:14
  38. Infection with the HIV and AIDS are leading causes of morbidity and mortality among women and children worldwide. Prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV (PMTCT) programs were developed to protect wo...

    Authors: Frederick LI Morfaw, Lehana Thabane, Lawrence CE Mbuagbaw and Philip N Nana
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:13
  39. The aim of this individual participant data (IPD) meta-analysis is to assess whether the effects of repeat prenatal corticosteroid treatment given to women at risk of preterm birth to benefit their babies are ...

    Authors: Caroline A Crowther, Fariba Aghajafari, Lisa M Askie, Elizabeth V Asztalos, Peter Brocklehurst, Tanya K Bubner, Lex W Doyle, Sourabh Dutta, Thomas J Garite, Debra A Guinn, Mikko Hallman, Mary E Hannah, Pollyanna Hardy, Kimberly Maurel, Premasish Mazumder, Cindy McEvoy…
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:12
  40. Hospital partnerships, mergers and cooperatives are arrangements frequently seen as a means of improving health service delivery. Many of the assumptions used in planning hospital cooperatives are not stated c...

    Authors: Thomas Rotter, Daniela Popa, Beatrice Riley, Tim Ellermann, Ulrike Ryll, Genc Burazeri, Piet Daemen, Guy Peeters and Helmut Brand
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:11
  41. Rapid reviews have emerged as a streamlined approach to synthesizing evidence - typically for informing emergent decisions faced by decision makers in health care settings. Although there is growing use of rap...

    Authors: Sara Khangura, Kristin Konnyu, Rob Cushman, Jeremy Grimshaw and David Moher
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:10
  42. Prospective registration of systematic reviews promotes transparency, helps reduce potential for bias and serves to avoid unintended duplication of reviews. Registration offers advantages to many stakeholders ...

    Authors: Lesley Stewart, David Moher and Paul Shekelle
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:7
  43. Developing and registering protocols may seem like an added burden to systematic review investigators. This paper discusses benefits of protocol registration and debunks common misperceptions on the barriers o...

    Authors: Stephanie M Chang and Jean Slutsky
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2012 1:4

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