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  1. The widely accepted prevalence of traditional medicine (TM) in Ethiopia was about 80 %, of which 95 % were sourced from plants. The purpose of this study was to update knowledge of the prevalence of herbal med...

    Authors: Nigatu Tuasha, Sintayehu Fekadu and Serawit Deyno
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:232
  2. Integrative Chinese and Western medicine (ICWM) is commonly used for the treatment of ulcerative colitis (UC) in clinical practice. However, it is unclear whether the details of ICWM interventions, such as sel...

    Authors: Jialing Zhang, Jiashuai Deng, Nana Wang, Ping Wang, Ji Li, Yunhai Wang, Wanting Cui, Feng Liang, Peijin Chen, Juan Wang, Fei Han, Chun Pong Chan, Aiping Lyu, Zhaoxiang Bian and Xuan Zhang
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:228
  3. There is limited knowledge on the reliability of risk of bias (ROB) tools for assessing internal validity in systematic reviews of exposure and frequency studies. We aimed to identify and then compare the inte...

    Authors: Isabel Kalaycioglu, Bastien Rioux, Joel Neves Briard, Ahmad Nehme, Lahoud Touma, Bénédicte Dansereau, Ariane Veilleux-Carpentier and Mark R. Keezer
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:227
  4. Data extraction (DE) is a challenging step in systematic reviews (SRs). Complex SRs can involve multiple interventions and/or outcomes and encompass multiple research questions. Attempts have been made to clar...

    Authors: Mohamed Afifi, Henrik Stryhn and Javier Sanchez
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:226
  5. Stem cell sheet implantation offers a promising avenue for spinal cord injury (SCI) and is currently under investigation in pre-clinical in vivo studies. Nevertheless, a systematic review of the relevant liter...

    Authors: Luchun Xu, He Zhao, Yongdong Yang, Yang Xiong, Wenqing Zhong, Guozheng Jiang and Xing Yu
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:225
  6. In our experience, working with a therapy animal strengthens endurance, maintains motivation, provides a sense of achievement, and boosts overall mental resilience. The aims of this work were to summarize the ...

    Authors: Veronika Mittly, Cecilia Farkas-Kirov, Ágnes Zana, Kata Szabó, Veronika Ónodi-Szabó and György Purebl
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:224
  7. Diagnostic errors are a major problem in healthcare. In 2015, the report “Improving Diagnosis in Health Care” by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) stated that it is likely t...

    Authors: Nicoline Lykke Hansen, Helle Precht, Palle Larsen and Lene Noehr-Jensen
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:223
  8. Medication adherence has a major impact on reducing mortality and healthcare costs related to the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus. Selecting the best patient-reported outcome measure...

    Authors: Henrique Ceretta Oliveira, Daisuke Hayashi, Samantha Dalbosco Lins Carvalho, Rita de Cássia Lopes de Barros, Mayza Luzia dos Santos Neves, Carla Renata Silva Andrechuk, Neusa Maria Costa Alexandre, Paula Aver Bretanha Ribeiro and Roberta Cunha Matheus Rodrigues
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:222
  9. Shock-induced endotheliopathy (SHINE), defined as a profound sympathoadrenal hyperactivation in shock states leading to endothelial activation, glycocalyx damage, and eventual compromise of end-organ perfusion...

    Authors: Nchafatso G. Obonyo, Declan P. Sela, Sainath Raman, Reema Rachakonda, Bailey Schneider, Louise E. See Hoe, Jonathon P. Fanning, Gianluigi Li Bassi, Kathryn Maitland, Jacky Y. Suen and John F. Fraser
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:221
  10. Public health surveillance is crucial in monitoring the progress of maternal, newborn, and children under-five health outcomes (MNCH). Consequently, mapping the existing surveillance system from countries with...

    Authors: Asri C. Adisasmita, Trisari Anggondowati, Septyana Choirunisa, Sabarinah Prasetyo, Mardiati Nadjib and Mondastri Korib Sudaryo
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:220
  11. Prehabilitation programs focusing on exercise training as the main component are known as a promising alternative for improving patients’ outcomes before cancer surgery. This systematic review determined the b...

    Authors: Jose F. Meneses-Echavez, Andrés F. Loaiza-Betancur, Víctor Díaz-López, Andrés M. Echavarría-Rodríguez and Héctor Reynaldo Triana-Reina
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:219
  12. Symbrachydactyly is a rare congenital malformation of the hand characterized by short or even absent fingers with or without syndactyly, mostly unilaterally present. The hand condition can vary from a small ha...

    Authors: A. Bartsch, D. Nikkhah, R. Miller, K. Mende, S. E. R. Hovius and A. Kaempfen
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:218
  13. The COVID-19 pandemic spurred publication of a rapid proliferation of studies on potential therapeutic agents. While important for the advancement of clinical care, pressure to collect, analyze, and report dat...

    Authors: Brittany Chatterton, Simon B. Ascher, Naihua Duan and Richard L. Kravitz
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:216
  14. Wounds inflict pain and affect human health causing high expenditure on treatment and management. Herbal crude extracts are used in traditional medicine as a treatment for wounds and other illnesses. However, ...

    Authors: Catherine Namuga, Moses Ocan, Alison A. Kinengyere, Ssenono Richard, Eve Namisango, Haruna Muwonge, John Baptist Kirabira, Mugisha Lawrence and Ekwaro A. Obuku
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:215
  15. Chronic HIV infection significantly elevates the risk of brain pathology, precipitating neurocognitive impairment (NCI) among people living with HIV (PLWH). The diagnosis of NCI in PLWH hinges on evaluating de...

    Authors: Astri Parawita Ayu, Arie Rahadi, Kevin Kristian, Tara Puspitarini Sani, Aditya Putra, Glenardi Halim, Ghea Mangkuliguna, Theresia Puspoarum Kusumoputri and Yuda Turana
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:214
  16. Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is potentially a fatal form of respiratory failure among COVID-19 patients. Globally, there are inconsistent findings regarding ARDS among COVID-19 patients. Therefor...

    Authors: Abere Woretaw Azagew, Zerko Wako Beko, Yohannes Mulu Ferede, Habtamu Sewunet Mekonnen, Hailemichael Kindie Abate and Chilot Kassa Mekonnen
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:212
  17. Conducting a systematic review is a time- and resource-intensive multi-step process. Enhancing efficiency without sacrificing accuracy and rigor during the screening phase of a systematic review is of interest...

    Authors: Lynn Teo, Mary E. Van Elswyk, Clara S. Lau and Christopher J. Shanahan
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:211
  18. International guidelines promote preoperative education for patients undergoing orthopedic surgery. However, the evidence sustaining these recommendations comes mainly from studies for hip and knee replacement...

    Authors: Laura Vergara-Merino, María Jesús Lira, Camila Micaela Escobar Liquitay, Nicolás González-Kusjanovic and Sergio Morales
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:210
  19. The relative treatment effects estimated from network meta-analysis can be employed to rank treatments from the most preferable to the least preferable option. These treatment hierarchies are typically based o...

    Authors: Virginia Chiocchia, Toshi A. Furukawa, Johannes Schneider-Thoma, Spyridon Siafis, Andrea Cipriani, Stefan Leucht and Georgia Salanti
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:209
  20. The number of healthcare professionals leaving clinical practice and transitioning to alternative careers in health professions education is increasing. Among these non-practicing healthcare professionals, con...

    Authors: Helen R. Church, Megan E. L. Brown, Lynelle Govender and Deborah Clark
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:207
  21. The purpose of this network meta-analysis (NMA) is to investigate the efficacy of pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapy on pain intensity and disability of older people with chronic nonspecific low b...

    Authors: Letícia Soares Fonseca, Juliana Pereira Silva, Mateus Bastos Souza, Rodrigo de Oliveira Mascarenhas, Hytalo de Jesus Silva, Mariana Gabrich Moraes Campos, Leani Souza Máximo Pereira, Murilo Xavier Oliveira and Vinicius Cunha Oliveira
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:205
  22. Fall-related injuries can reduce older adults’ independence and result in economic burdens. The assistive technologies and home modifications explored in this review are suggested to reduce the risk of falls o...

    Authors: Kathryn M. Crosby, Catarina A. Rodriguez, Matthew A. Canas, Changki Kim, Shamim Noroozi, Mathew Vis-Dunbar, Vicki Komisar, Brodie M. Sakakibara and Jennifer M. Jakobi
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:204
  23. Mental ill-health and substance use bear a substantial burden and harm on young people and often arise from co-occurring and compounding risk factors, such as traumatic stress. Trauma-informed prevention of me...

    Authors: S. Bailey, N. Newton, Y. Perry, L. Grummitt, L. Baams and E. Barrett
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:203
  24. Multivariable prediction models are used in oral health care to identify individuals with an increased likelihood of caries increment. The outcomes of the models should help to manage individualized interventi...

    Authors: Kristian Havsed, Gunnel Hänsel Petersson, Per-Erik Isberg, Maria Pigg, Gunnel Svensäter and Madeleine Rohlin
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:202
  25. Food-borne diseases are a global public health issue with 1 in 10 people falling ill after eating contaminated food every year. In response, the food industry has implemented several new pathogen control strat...

    Authors: Danitza Xiomara Romero-Calle, Vinicius Pereira de Santana, Raquel Guimarães Benevides, Maria Teresa Alvarez Aliaga, Craig Billington and Aristóteles Góes-Neto
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:201
  26. Dementia is associated with cognitive and functional decline that significantly impacts quality of life. There is currently no cure for dementia, thus, it is important to manage dementia in the early stages an...

    Authors: Nibras Jasim, Darsiha Balakirishnan, Han Zhang, Genevieve Z. Steiner-Lim, Diana Karamacoska and Guo-Yan Yang
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:200
  27. Peer support has been proposed as a promising policy intervention for addressing adverse maternal and child healthcare (MCH) outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Existing reviews on peer support largely draw ...

    Authors: Gordon Dugle, John Antwi and Wilm Quentin
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:199
  28. Risks associated with unintended pregnancy include unsafe abortions, poor maternal health-seeking behaviour, poor mental health, and potentially, maternal and infant deaths. Adolescent girls with unintended pr...

    Authors: Sahra Mohamed, Michael G. Chipeta, Tony Kamninga, Lomuthando Nthakomwa, Chimwemwe Chifungo, Themba Mzembe, Ruth Vellemu, Victor Chikwapulo, Maame Peterson, Leyla Abdullahi, Kelvin Musau, Kerri Wazny, Eliya Zulu and Nyovani Madise
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:198
  29. Antiplatelet agents are central in the management of vascular disease. The use of dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT) for the management of thromboembolic complications must be weighed against bleeding risk in th...

    Authors: Alykhan M. Premji, Mariah B. Blegen, Alyssa M. Corley, Jesus Ulloa, Marika S. Booth, Meron Begashaw, Jody Larkin, Paul Shekelle, Mark D. Girgis and Melinda Maggard-Gibbons
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:197
  30. Incomplete reporting about what systematic reviewers did and what they found prevents users of the report from being able to fully interpret the findings and understand the limitations of the underlying eviden...

    Authors: Matthew J. Page, David Moher, Sue Brennan and Joanne E. McKenzie
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:196
  31. The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has transformed the global view of education, including graduate and postgraduate education making the development of an alternative approach in times of social...

    Authors: Muhammad Harris Shoaib, Muhammad Sikandar, Rabia Ismail Yousuf, Monica Parkash, Syed Jamil Hassan Kazmi, Farrukh Rafiq Ahmed, Kamran Ahmed, Muhammad Talha Saleem and Syeda Hina Zaidi
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:195
  32. Establishing and maintaining relationships and ways of connecting and being with others is an important component of health and wellbeing. Harnessing the relational within caring, supportive, educational, or c...

    Authors: Gary Lamph, Rebecca Nowland, Paul Boland, Jayn Pearson, Catriona Connell, Vanessa Jones, Ellie Wildbore, Danielle L Christian, Catherine Harris, Joanne Ramsden, Kathryn Gardner, Nicola Graham-Kevan and Mick McKeown
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:194
  33. The World Trade Center (WTC) Health Program (“Program”) seeks to assess the inventory, quality, and impact of its funded research in the context of all clinical and translational research involving WTC populat...

    Authors: Thomas W. Concannon, Ramya Chari, Justin Lee, Liisa Hiatt and Laura J. Faherty
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:193
  34. Several information and communication technologies (ICT) have been developed to enhance social connectedness of older adults aging in place, although they are not accessible for all. Barriers in using ICT migh...

    Authors: Nina Jøranson, Minna Zechner, Nilufer Korkmaz Yaylagul, Areti Efthymiou and Rosa Silva
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:192
  35. Since 1997, several meta-analyses (MAs) of placebo-controlled randomised efficacy trials of homoeopathy for any indication (PRETHAIs) have been published with different methods, results and conclusions. To dat...

    Authors: H. J. Hamre, A. Glockmann, K. von Ammon, D. S. Riley and H. Kiene
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:191
  36. Ensuring access to quality family planning (FP) services is fundamental to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) targets 3.1, 3.7, and 5.6, including universal access to reproductive health service...

    Authors: Adeniyi Kolade Aderoba, Rita Kabra and James Njogu Kiarie
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:190
  37. Different network meta-analyses (NMAs) on the same topic result in differences in findings. In this review, we investigated NMAs comparing aflibercept with ranibizumab for diabetic macular oedema (DME) in the ...

    Authors: Jing Wu, Clive Adams, Xiaoning He, Fang Qi and Jun Xia
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:189
  38. Within the Learning Health System (LHS) model, learning routines, including evaluation, allow for continuous incremental change to take place. Within these learning routines, evaluation assists in problem iden...

    Authors: Marissa Bird, Élizabeth Côté-Boileau, Walter P. Wodchis, Lianne Jeffs, Maura MacPhee, James Shaw, Tujuanna Austin, Frances Bruno, Megan Bhalla and Carolyn Steele Gray
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:188
  39. Evidence-based medicine requires synthesis of research through rigorous and time-intensive systematic literature reviews (SLRs), with significant resource expenditure for data extraction from scientific public...

    Authors: Antonia Panayi, Katherine Ward, Amir Benhadji-Schaff, A Santiago Ibanez-Lopez, Andrew Xia and Regina Barzilay
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:187
  40. Emotional support is key to improve older adults’ subjective health, and psychological, social and emotional well-being. However, many older adults living in the community lack emotional support, increasing th...

    Authors: Rashmi Devkota, Greta Cummings, Kathleen F. Hunter, Colleen Maxwell, Shovana Shrestha, Liz Dennett and Matthias Hoben
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:186
  41. In the USA, access to quality healthcare varies greatly across racial and ethnic groups, resulting in significant health disparities. A new term, “racial health equity” (RHE), is increasingly reported in the m...

    Authors: Patricia C. Heyn, Elizabeth A. Terhune, Mahederemariam Bayleyegn Dagne, Christi Piper, Vivian A. Welch, Damian Francis, Ana B. Pizarro, Anita Rizvi, Nila Sathe, Omar Dewidar, Colleen Ovelman, Tiffany Duque, Tamara A. Baker, Robert W. Turner II, Meera Viswanathan and Dru Riddle
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:185
  42. Heterosexually identified men who have sex with men (H-MSM) are distinct from other heterosexual men and from gay, bisexual, and other sexual minority men. Specifically, H-MSM experience discordance between th...

    Authors: Andrew D. Eaton, Travis R. Scheadler, Cara Bradley, Lauren B. McInroy, Oliver W. J. Beer, Erin Beckwell, Adam Busch and Paul A. Shuper
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:184
  43. The global increase in the number of frail older people and the accompanying increase in chronic conditions underline the need to develop effective health promotion and preventive interventions for these popul...

    Authors: Ayele Semachew Kasa, Peta Drury, Victoria Traynor, Shu-Chun Lee and Hui-Chen (Rita) Chang
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:182
  44. Research cites a strong, dose–response relationship between adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and poor adult mental health outcomes including anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), self...

    Authors: Christina Thurston, Aja Louise Murray, Hannabeth Franchino-Olsen and Franziska Meinck
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:181
  45. This protocol describes a systematic scoping review of Stroke Patient and Stakeholder Engagement (SPSE), concepts, definitions, models, implementation strategies, indicators, or frameworks. The active engageme...

    Authors: Juliet Roudini, Sarah Weschke, Torsten Rackoll, Ulrich Dirnagl, Gordon Guyatt and Hamidreza Khankeh
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2023 12:180

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