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Table 1 Characteristics of the identified registers

From: Where to prospectively register a systematic review

Register Specific to systematic reviews Generic
PROSPERO Research Registry INPLASY OSF Registries
Full name International prospective register of systematic reviews Research Registry - Registry of Systematic Reviews/Meta-Analyses International Platform of Registered Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Protocols OSF Preregistration
Available since 2011 2015 2020 2019 2014
Costs None 99 GBP per systematic review New registration: 20.90 USD or 12 USD (reduced price for selected countries).
Update of registration: 8.90 USD (reduced price 4.90 USD).
None None
Number of registration records as per 27 February 2021 > 100,000 (106,828) >  1000 reviews (1051) >  1000 (1446) >  1000 (4152 when searching “systematic review” >  100 (140 when searching “systematic review”)
Assessment of records (e.g., for completeness, eligibility) Yes Yes Yes No No
Processing time (submission to publication) No information None (data curation takes place afterwards) Max. 48 h None None
Fields/structure 28 mandatory fields, 12 optional fields 28 mandatory fields, 6 optional fields 24 mandatory fields, 9 optional fields 13 mandatory fields in OSF preregistration; 5 mandatory fields in Open-Ended-Registration No given structure
Enables searching Yes, text words, MeSH terms and many other characteristics Yes, primary investigator, text words, title, and identifying number Yes, text words and identifying number Yes, text words only Yes, text words only
Provides contact address of corresponding author Yes Yes Yes No Not mandatory, but messages can be sent through
Reminders to keep the entry up to date? Yes Unclear No No Unclear
Information on review status (i.e., completed/published) Yes Link/Reference/DOI of full paper can be added once published Yes No No
Restricted to reviews? Yes, accepts only systematic reviews Yes, accepts systematic reviews and meta-analyses Yes, accepts systematic and scoping reviews No, accepts all study designs No, accepts all study designs
Restricted to field/discipline? Health; but accepts also social care, welfare, public health, education, crime, justice, and international development if there is a direct health-related outcome No No No No
Version tracking Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Unique identifying number Yes Yes Yes No No
DOI No No Yes Yes Yes
Section for submitting results No Yes, allows for uploading any data files No No, but can be linked to OSF project where results can be uploaded No