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Table 1 Table of stakeholders who took part in the consultation exercise

From: Understanding how to facilitate continence for people with dementia in acute hospital settings: a mixed methods systematic review and thematic synthesis

Stakeholders Source of contact Source of information
Young onset team DCA (n = 1)
REACT crisis team DCA (n = 1) (when a person has an additional mental health crisis on top of their dementia)
Community DCA’s (n = 3)
A service within the local University Health Board which exists to provide support to carers and those diagnosed with dementia, depression or severe later life mental illness. Their aim to help prevent admission to hospital and deterioration in relation to being in hospital.
Group discussion followed by individual priority setting exercise
DCA’s Liaison Psychiatry
A service that covers wards in the general hospital setting. Their role is to help PLWD when they are in hospital if they are struggling and who are exhibiting behaviours that challenge or if they are anxious or agitated such as walking around a lot and the staff are not able to cope
Group interview followed by individual priority setting exercise
Continence service team
Nurse consultant (n = 1)
CNSs (n = 7)
NHS Continence Service
An outpatient based service. The role of the team is to accept and take referrals from primary care general practitioners district nurses and others to see patients with incontinence and to assess and put in place a suitable management plan for them
Group discussion followed by individual priority setting exercise with CNSs
Individual Interview with nurse consultant followed by setting exercise
Occupational therapist (n = 1) Facebook
Currently works on an elderly ward with both functional patients and PLWD. Previous employment was on a specific dementia ward in a community hospital
Individual interview followed by priority setting exercise
PLWD (n = 2)
Family carers (n = 11)
DCA (n = 10)
Activities coordinator of local care home (n = 1)
Volunteer from the Alzheimer’s society (n = 1)
Dementia Consultation Event
A whole day event in which issues around toileting and continence were explored through narrative and creative presentations (through pictures, poems and artistic expression, arts, and discussion.
Group discussion followed by individual priority setting exercise
  1. Key: CNS: clinical nurse specialists, DCA dementia care advisors, PLWD people living with dementia