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Table 2 Peer roles as described by Ramchand et al. [32]

From: Peer-to-peer health promotion interventions among African American men: a scoping review protocol

Role Description of role
Peer counselor A peer who provided knowledge, guidance, and concrete tools
Peer educator A peer who delivered formal education or training utilizing a protocolized curriculum and approach, and not involving a therapeutic relationship
Peer support Informal and unstructured support to individuals such as providing reminders, encouragement or reinforcement, informal coaching, and sharing personal experiences or narrative, often as a “buddy” or “partner” in the intervention
Peer facilitator A peer responsible for facilitating group interactions with the primary purpose of creating or strengthening relationships between and among individuals to help them set and reach goals together
Peer case manager A peer who helped other access or coordinate health and social services including referring the participant to resources, or managing their activities within the intervention