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Table 1 Data sharing platform comparison table

From: Developing a topic-based repository of clinical trial individual patient data: experiences and lessons learned from a pilot project

  CRIB Vivli UK data service CSDR
Type of data access1 Safeguarded Open, safeguarded, controlled Open, safeguarded, controlled Safeguarded
Functionality for controlled analyses within a secure platform No Yes Yes For pharmaceutical trials: Yes
For non-commercial trials: No2
Formal assessment of disclosure risk before depositing data No No -
Anonymisation services offered for a fee
Yes Yes
(advice on de-identification)
Trusted repository status (i.e. international standard ISO 16363) No Unclear Yes CSDR is not a repository; they signpost users to data owners
International standard for meta-data (e.g. DDI) Not achieved Yes Yes Unclear
International standard digital object identifier (DOI) Not achieved Yes Yes Yes
Who is the legal entity University of Liverpool Vivli University of Essex Agreement between data owner and data user
Who manages approvals Cochrane pregnancy and childbirth Data owner or Wellcome UKDS Data owner or Wellcome
Researcher training No No Yes No
  1. 1Open data, can be downloaded freely by anyone; Safeguarded data, downloadable but require an approvals process and legal agreements to structure data use (such as a licence agreement); Controlled data, pose disclosure risk to the organisation and can only be accessed by approved data users within a secured research environment (no download option and data use takes place in a secured setting)
  2. 2MRC, Cancer Research UK, Bill and Melinda Gates are piloting deposit of trial data with CSDR. Wellcome provide support and managed the independent review panel