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Table 2 Search strategy for the MEDLINE (PubMed) database

From: Effectiveness and safety of low-level laser therapy in diabetic peripheral neuropathy: a protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis

Diseases terms
1 "Diabetic Neuropathies"[Mesh]
2 "diabetic peripheral neuropath*"[Title/Abstract] OR "diabetic neuropath*"[Title/Abstract] OR "DPN"[Title/Abstract]
3 1 OR 2
Intervention terms
4 "low-level light therapy"[MeSH Terms]
5 "Laser Irradiation, Low-Power"[Title/Abstract] OR "Irradiation, Low-Power Laser"[Title/Abstract] OR "Laser Irradiation, Low Power"[Title/Abstract] OR "Light Therap*, Low-Level"[Title/Abstract] OR "Low Level Light Therap*"[Title/Abstract] OR "Therap*, Low-Level Light"[Title/Abstract] OR "Photobiomodulation Therap*"[Title/Abstract] OR "Therap*, Photobiomodulation"[Title/Abstract] OR "Laser Therap*, Low-Level"[Title/Abstract] OR "Laser Therap*, Low Level"[Title/Abstract] OR "Low-Level Laser Therap*"[Title/Abstract] OR "Low Level Laser Therap*"[Title/Abstract] OR "Low-Power Laser Therap*"[Title/Abstract] OR "Low Power Laser Therap*"[Title/Abstract] OR "Laser Therap*, Low-Power Laser Therap*, Low Power"[Title/Abstract] OR "Low-Power Laser Therap*"[Title/Abstract] OR "Low-Power Laser Irradiation"[Title/Abstract] OR "Low Power Laser Irradiation"[Title/Abstract] OR "Laser Biostimulation"[Title/Abstract] OR "Biostimulation, Laser"[Title/Abstract] OR "Laser Phototherapy"[Title/Abstract] OR "Phototherapy, Laser"[Title/Abstract] OR "low intensity laser therap*"[Title/Abstract] OR "low energy laser therap*"[Title/Abstract] OR "LLLT"[Title/Abstract] OR "LILT"[Title/Abstract] OR "LELT"[Title/Abstract]
6 4 OR 5
Combination of terms
7 3 AND 6
8 3 AND 6 Filters: Randomized Controlled Trial; Humans