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Table 1 Characteristics of included systematically reviewed studies

From: Why do some inter-organisational collaborations in healthcare work when others do not? A realist review

Paper Collaboration type Research type
Adedoyin et al. [57] Mergers Case study
Auschra [4] Partnerships (mixed) Review
Ball et al. [36] Community health partnerships Case study
Billings and De Weger [50] Contracting Review
Cameron et al. [54] Joint working Review
Casey [53] Partnerships (mixed) Review
Cereste et al. [48] Mergers Case study
Das-Thompson et al. [62] Partnerships (mixed) Case study
Dickinson and Glasby [1] Partnerships (mixed) Review
Dickinson et al. [63] Mergers Case study
Douglas [49] Alliances Review
Dowling et al. [45] Partnerships (mixed) Review
Evans and Killoran [56] Partnerships (mixed) Review
Ferrier and Valdmanis [43] Mergers Case-control study
Fulop et al. [22] Mergers Case study
Gannon-Leary et al. [37] Partnerships (mixed) Case study
Gaynor et al. [38] Mergers Case-control study
Glasby and Dickinson [39] Partnerships (mixed) Review
Hearld et al. [58] Alliances Survey
Hudson et al. [52] Partnerships (mixed) Review
Hunter and Perkins [61] Partnerships (mixed) Case study
Huxham [15] Partnerships (mixed) Theoretical
Idel [59] Mergers Case study
Kendall et al. [65] Partnerships (mixed) Review
Kershaw et al. [42] Partnerships (mixed) Case study
Leach et al. [34] Buddying Case study
Lewis [64] Primary care partnerships Case study
Lim [55] Mergers Survey
Mandell and Steelman [44] Partnerships (mixed) Review
Murray et al. [47] Accountable care organisations Case study
NHS Professionals [17] Partnerships (mixed) Review
Peck et al. [60] Combined trusts Case study
Round et al. [46] Joint working Case study
Shaw [51] Mergers Case study
Starling [40] Vanguard Case study
The King’s Fund [41] Joint commissioning Case study
What Works Scotland [35] Partnerships (mixed) Review
Wildridge et al. [13] Partnerships (mixed) Review
Zuckerman et al. [12] Alliances Review