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Table 2 PRISMA 2020 for abstracts checklista

From: The PRISMA 2020 statement: an updated guideline for reporting systematic reviews

Section and topic Item # Checklist item
 Title 1 Identify the report as a systematic review.
 Objectives 2 Provide an explicit statement of the main objective(s) or question(s) the review addresses.
 Eligibility criteria 3 Specify the inclusion and exclusion criteria for the review.
 Information sources 4 Specify the information sources (e.g. databases, registers) used to identify studies and the date when each was last searched.
 Risk of bias 5 Specify the methods used to assess risk of bias in the included studies.
 Synthesis of results 6 Specify the methods used to present and synthesise results.
 Included studies 7 Give the total number of included studies and participants and summarise relevant characteristics of studies.
 Synthesis of results 8 Present results for main outcomes, preferably indicating the number of included studies and participants for each. If meta-analysis was done, report the summary estimate and confidence/credible interval. If comparing groups, indicate the direction of the effect (i.e. which group is favoured).
 Limitations of evidence 9 Provide a brief summary of the limitations of the evidence included in the review (e.g. study risk of bias, inconsistency and imprecision).
 Interpretation 10 Provide a general interpretation of the results and important implications.
 Funding 11 Specify the primary source of funding for the review.
 Registration 12 Provide the register name and registration number.
  1. aThis abstract checklist retains the same items as those included in the PRISMA for Abstracts statement published in 2013 [54], but has been revised to make the wording consistent with the PRISMA 2020 statement and includes a new item recommending authors specify the methods used to present and synthesise results (item #6)