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Table 3 Preliminary table of charting elements and relevant questions for data

From: Defining, conceptualizing, and measuring perceived maternal care quality in low- to high-income countries: a scoping review protocol

Chart elements Associated questions
Publication details
 Author(s) Who wrote the article?
 Year of publication What year was the article published?
 Country of origin Where was the study/document conducted and/or published?
 Country economic classification Is the country of origin classified as low-, middle-, or high-income?
 Publication type What type of publication is this? (empirical study, gray literature)
Study/article details
 Aims/purpose What were the aims of the study/article?
 Methodological design What methodological design was used?
 Type of care Did this study/article focus on antenatal, intrapartum, or postpartum care?
 Structure and process of care Does the study/article describe the structure and process of care as it relates to the country context?
 Study population and sample size Who was the target population and how many were included in the study/article?
 Methods What specific methods were used?
 Construct(s) measured What constructs were measured? What were the study measures?
 Intervention Was an intervention used in this study? (yes or no)
 Comparator and duration of  the intervention (if applicable) If yes, what was the comparator and duration of the intervention?
 Outcomes (if applicable) If yes, what was the intervention outcome?
Conceptualization and measurement details
 What is perceived maternal care quality? How is perceived maternal care quality defined or conceptualized?
 Theoretical/Conceptual Framework What theory or framework was used to conceptualize maternal care quality in this study/article?
 Donabedian concept category Which of the following Donabedian concept categories are relevant to the constructs measured in this study/article? (process, structure, outcomes)
 How is perceived maternal care measured? What type of instrument was used for measurement? (e.g., questionnaire, scaling, interview guide)
If applicable, what level of measurement was used (nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio) to measure perceived maternal care quality?
 Number of instrument items How many items were included in the instrument?
 Instrument dimensions What dimensions are measured or conceptualized?
 Number of dimensions How many dimensions are included?
 Instrument psychometric properties Was the instrument validated?
What was the reliability statistic?
What was the content validity?
 Limitations and challenges Were there any reported limitations or quality issues (not a critical appraisal)?
 Recommendations for further study Were there any recommendations for further study?