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Table 1 A summary of the eligibility criteria for the screening phases of the systematic review

From: A systematic review protocol for crime trends facilitated by synthetic biology

Population(s)HumanAnimal, plant
Intervention(s)Current or potential future misuse of biotechnology, synthetic biology and genetic engineeringTechnology: medical devices
Crime types: war crimes, crimes against humanity, intellectual Property and corporate liability crimes, agriculture and food security, wildlife/biodiversity crimes
ComparatorNot applicableNot applicable
OutcomesScale of crime enabled by biotechnology
Crime themes and sub-types
Impacts of crime (health and policy)
Individual/system-level characteristics of population/sector involved
Contingency suggestions
The crime themes extracted will be synthesised for implications in the UK only.
Study designPeer-reviewed, government document, or academic thesis only
All study designs will be included. Each study will be ranked by our rating system hierarchically.
Books/book reviews
OtherEnglish languageNon-English