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Table 1 Search terms using SPIDER headings

From: Engaging older adults in self-management talk in healthcare encounters: a systematic review protocol

SPIDER headingSearch terms for PubMed database
Sample: adults (male of female) aged ≥ 60 years“Aged[mh]” OR “frail elderly[mh]” OR “older[tw]” OR “elder[tw]” OR “geriatric[tw]” AND
Phenomenon of interest: communication about self-management in clinical encounters“communication[mh]” OR “interpersonal relations[mh]” OR “interaction[tw]” OR “personal communication[tw]”
“self-management[mh]” OR “self care[mh]” OR “patient care planning[mh]” OR “care plan[tw]” OR “directive counselling[mh]” OR “health coaching[tw]” OR “motivational interviewing[mh]” OR “healthy lifestyle[mh]” OR “goal setting[tw]”
“clinical[tw]” OR “referral and consultation[mh]” OR “medical[tw]” OR “health[tw]” AND
Design: qualitative research“qualitative research[mh]” OR “qualitative study[tw]” OR “linguistic analysis[tw]” OR “sequential analysis[tw]” AND
Evaluation: opportunity to discuss self-management, participation in healthcare decision making“communication[mh]” OR “interpersonal relations[mh]” OR “interaction[tw]” OR “personal communication[tw]” AND
Research type: conversation analysis and related discursive research“conversation analysis[tw]” OR “sequential analysis[tw]” OR “discourse analysis[mh]” OR “discursive psychology[tw]” OR “linguistic analysis[tw]” OR “membership categorisation analysis[tw]”