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Table 2 Main concerns and sub concerns of dental and oral health workers

From: Global concerns of dental and oral health workers during COVID-19 outbreak: a scope study on the concerns and the coping strategies

Main themes Sub-themes References
Economic concerns Economic losses/financial consequences [20,21,22,23,24]
Economic repercussions [20]
Economic aid from the government [20, 25]
Additional costs of control infection [20, 22, 26]
Ethical concerns Patient privacy [27]
Effectiveness of new technologies on population health [27,28,29,30]
Focus on essential and emergency cares [23, 24, 26, 27, 31,32,33,34]
Postpone routine orthodontic appointments [27]
Concerns on fitness with international regulations [28]
Social concerns Lack of population’s adequate digital literacy [28]
High perceived distress and need for preparedness [35, 36]
Feelings of anxiety and fear [32, 37]
Psychological health and mental wellness of the workers [33]
Professional concerns Impacts of the future of professional [25, 38]
Immediate impact on dental health care [36, 38]
Impacts of management of patients with special needs [39, 40]
Medico-legal concerns [36]
various hardships in rebuilding the practices [41]
moral versus evidence based decision making [22]