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Table 1 The search strategy of the scoping review

From: Global concerns of dental and oral health workers during COVID-19 outbreak: a scope study on the concerns and the coping strategies

Web of Science TOPIC: (COVID-19) OR TOPIC: (“CORONA virus”) OR TOPIC: (SARS) OR TOPIC: (MERS) OR AND TOPIC: (Dentists) OR TOPIC: (“Oral Health”) OR TOPIC: (“Dental Technicians”) OR TOPIC: (“Dental Care”)
Scopus TITLE-ABS-KEY (dentists) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY (“Oral Health”) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY (“Dental Technicians”) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY (“Dental Care”) AND TITLE-ABS-KEY (“COVID-19”) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY (“CORONA virus”) OR (“H1N1”) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY (“outbreaks”) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY (“epidemic”) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY (“pandemic”)
ProQuest ab(COVID-19) OR ab(“corona virus”) OR ab(SARS) OR ab(h1n1) OR ab(outbreaks) OR ab(epidemic) OR ab(pandemic) AND ab(Dentists) OR ab(“Oral Health”) OR ab(“dental technicians”) OR ab(“Dental Care”)
PubMed ((((((“COVID-19” [Supplementary Concept]) OR “Disease Outbreaks”[Mesh]) OR “Coronavirus Infections”[Mesh]) OR “Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus”[Mesh]) OR “SARS Virus”[Mesh] OR “Influenza, Human”[Mesh]))) AND (((((“Dentists”[Mesh]) OR “Dental Care”[Mesh]) OR “Dental Health Services”[Mesh]) OR “Dental Technicians”[Mesh]) OR “Oral Health”[Mesh] OR “Specialties, Dental”[Mesh]) OR “Dental Hygienists”[Mesh]) OR “Dental Prosthesis”[Mesh])
EMBASE #3 #1 AND #2
#2. dentist:ab,ti OR “oral health”:ab,ti OR “dental technician”:ab,ti OR “dental hygienist”:ab,ti OR dentistry:ab,ti
#1. “coronavirus disease 2019”:ab,ti OR “middle east respiratory syndrome”:ab,ti OR “sars coronavirus”:ab,ti OR influenza:ab,ti