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Table 1 PRISMA-S checklist. A downloadable version of the checklist is available on the PRISMA website [37]

From: PRISMA-S: an extension to the PRISMA Statement for Reporting Literature Searches in Systematic Reviews

Database name 1 Name each individual database searched, stating the platform for each.
Multi-database searching 2 If databases were searched simultaneously on a single platform, state the name of the platform, listing all of the databases searched.
Study registries 3 List any study registries searched.
Online resources and browsing 4 Describe any online or print source purposefully searched or browsed (e.g., tables of contents, print conference proceedings, web sites), and how this was done.
Citation searching 5 Indicate whether cited references or citing references were examined, and describe any methods used for locating cited/citing references (e.g., browsing reference lists, using a citation index, setting up email alerts for references citing included studies).
Contacts 6 Indicate whether additional studies or data were sought by contacting authors, experts, manufacturers, or others.
Other methods 7 Describe any additional information sources or search methods used.
Full search strategies 8 Include the search strategies for each database and information source, copied and pasted exactly as run.
Limits and restrictions 9 Specify that no limits were used, or describe any limits or restrictions applied to a search (e.g., date or time period, language, study design) and provide justification for their use.
Search filters 10 Indicate whether published search filters were used (as originally designed or modified), and if so, cite the filter(s) used.
Prior work 11 Indicate when search strategies from other literature reviews were adapted or reused for a substantive part or all of the search, citing the previous review(s).
Updates 12 Report the methods used to update the search(es) (e.g., rerunning searches, email alerts).
Dates of searches 13 For each search strategy, provide the date when the last search occurred.
Peer review 14 Describe any search peer review process.
Total records 15 Document the total number of records identified from each database and other information sources.
Deduplication 16 Describe the processes and any software used to deduplicate records from multiple database searches and other information sources.