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Table 1 Data extraction instrument

From: Thematic areas and complexity of integrated community case management (iCCM) design, implementation, and evaluation: protocol for a scoping review

Domain no. Domain Category
I Publication profile Article title; author(s); publication year; journal; DOI
II Core study information Year(s) of study; purpose of study; main findings; study type or design; data type: quantitative, qualitative, or mixed; study level(s) (caregiver, CHW, administrative division); disease concentration; variables used and defined; measured outcomes; funder(s) of study; collaborating institutions (authors)
III iCCM program architecture Country/ies of iCCM implementation; program name; duration of iCCM implementation; entities implementing iCCM; funder(s) of iCCM; CHW density and distribution; inputs, tools, and logistics; MoH roles; management and partner roles
IV iCCM systems dimensions Emergent categories to be determined through charting process
V Implementation outcomes Effectiveness; coverage; sustainability; feasibility; acceptability; adoption; appropriateness; cost; fidelity; penetration; efficiency; equity; quality; timeliness
VI Complexity assessment Numerical scores based on four dimensions of complexity