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Table 1 The SPIDER criteria adopted for selection of included studies

From: Enablers and barriers of people with chronic musculoskeletal pain for engaging in telehealth interventions: protocol for a qualitative systematic review and meta-synthesis

SampleIndividuals with chronic musculoskeletal pain (more than 3 months)
Phenomenon of interestTelehealth interventions, using telecommunication networks as a means to deliver care (e.g., exercises, education, self-management strategies, counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy)
DesignQualitative data both verbatim and edited by researchers, with or without the addition of questionnaires
EvaluationPatients’ perceptions (enablers and barriers) on engaging with telehealth interventions, qualitatively described
Research typeQualitative studies (qualitative data collection method and qualitative analysis) and mixed-method studies with a qualitative component