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Table 1 Example of search strategy

From: Novel wearable and contactless monitoring devices to identify deteriorating patients in the clinical setting: a systematic review protocol

1(wearable or patch or adhesive or fitbit or iwatch or smartwatch or jawbone).mp. [mp = ab, ti]
2(hr or (heart adj1 rate) or pulse or pulse rate).mp. or actigraphy/is [mp = ab, ti]
3((blood and pressure) or BP or perfusion).mp. [mp = ab, ti]
4(oxygen saturation or SpO2 or oxygenation or saturation*).mp. [mp = ab, ti]
5respiration or rr or breathing rate or respiratory or breathing mechanics).mp. [mp = ab, ti]
6exp Vital Signs/ or [mp = ab, ti]
7(contactless or cableless or contact sensor or unobtrusive or remote or wireless or non-contact or noncontact).mp. [mp = ab, ti]
8(radar or ballisto* or accelerom*).mp. [mp = ab, ti]
9(PPG or photople* or videopleth*).mp. [mp = ab, ti]
10(thermography or infrared or thermal or thermograph*).mp.[mp = ab, ti]
11(camera or RGB or image based or webcam or web-cam or video* or wavelet or ambient light or (optical and imag*) or camera-based or photoplethysmography).mp.[mp = ab, ti]
12piezoelectric or impedence).mp. [mp = ab, ti]
13clinical or PACU or intraoperative or intensive or ICU or ward or clinical or hospital or triage).mp. [mp = ab, ti]
14(1 and 2) or (1 and 3) or (1 and 4) or (1 and 5) or (1 and 6)
157 and 8) or (7 and 9) or (7 and 10) or (7 and 11) or (7 and 12)
16(15 and 2) or (15 and 3) or (15 and 4) or (15 and 5) or (15 and 6)
17(14 and 13) or (16 and 13)
18*Monitoring, Physiologic/ or[mp = ab, ti]
1917 and 18
20remove duplicates from 19