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Table 4 Search terms in detail

From: Health and well-being literacy initiatives focusing on immigrant communities: an environmental scan protocol to identify "what works and what does not"

Search terms for health literacy:
 Health literacy [keyword, MeSH]; (health OR wellness OR wellbeing) [Keyword]; literacy [keyword, MeSH]; well* adj3 literacy; Patient Education as Topic [MeSH]; Health Education [keyword, MeSH];”health knowledge” [Keyword]; Information Literacy [keyword, MeSH]; Prenatal Education [keyword, MeSH]; Patient Education Handout [keyword, MeSH]; Health Education, Dental [keyword, MeSH]; Consumer Health Information [keyword, MeSH]; Health Information [keyword, MeSH];;
Search terms for behavioral traits/actions of health literacy
 Health knowledge, attitudes, practice [MeSH]; health promotion [keyword, MeSH]; health numeracy [keyword]; patient participation [MeSH]; patient empower* [keyword]; health empower* [keyword]; health behaviour [keyword]; health behavior [keyword, MESH[; self-administration [keyword, MESH]; decision making [keyword, MeSH]; informed decision [keyword]; informed consent [keyword, MeSH]; health-related decision making [keyword]
Search terms for immigrant:
 Immigrant* [keyword]; Immigrants [MeSH]; emigrant* [keyword]; alien* [keyword]; “emigrants and immigrants” [MeSH]; Undocumented immigrant* [keyword, MeSH]; Newcomer* [keyword]; Refugee* [keyword, MeSH]; asylum [keyword]; asylum seeker [keyword]; displaced [keyword]; resettle [keyword]; Humanitarian [keyword]; entrant [keyword]; settle [keyword]; displaced person [keyword]; displaced population [keyword]; “internally displaced person” [keyword]; “war population” [keyword]; “forced migra*” [keyword]; “refugee camp*” [keyword]; Refugee Camps [MeSH]
Search string formation:
(“health literacy” OR “patient education as a topic” OR “health education” OR “health knowledge” OR “information literacy” OR “prenatal education” OR “patient education handout” OR health education, dental OR “consumer health information” OR “health information” OR “health promotion” OR “health numeracy” OR “patient empower*” OR “health empower*” OR “health promotion” OR “health knowledge, attitudes, practice” OR “patient participation” OR “health behaviour” OR “health behavior” OR “self-administration” OR “decision making” OR “informed decision” OR “informed consent” OR “health-related decision making” OR ((health OR wellness OR well-being OR wellbeing) AND (literacy OR education OR information)) OR ((access* OR seek* out OR obtain* OR find* OR gain*) AND (“health information” OR “consumer health information”)) OR ((understand* OR perceive* OR perception OR comprehen*) AND (“health information” OR “consumer health information”)) OR ((apprais* OR assess* OR evaluat* OR interpret* OR judge* OR apply*) AND (“health information” OR “consumer health information”))) AND (immigrant* OR emigrant* OR alien* OR “undocumented immigrant*” OR newcomer* OR refugee* OR asylum OR “asylum seeker” OR displaced OR resettle OR humanitarian OR entrant OR settle OR “displaced person” OR “displaced population” OR “internally displaced person” OR “war population” OR “forced migra*” OR “refugee camp*”)