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Table 1 Descriptive summary of 16 studies included in the meta-analysis of the prevalence of anemia among under-five children in Ethiopia, 2018

From: Under-five anemia and its associated factors with dietary diversity, food security, stunted, and deworming in Ethiopia: systematic review and meta-analysis

Authors/year of publicationRegionStudy settingSample sizeOutcomePrevalence
Gebreziabher and Stoecker, 2017 [15]Adiss AbabaInstitutional based1506341.7
Alemayehu et al., 2018 [12]SNNPCommunity based99065065.7
Yeshimebet and Selassie, 2016 [20]SNNPInstitutional based42217641.7
Melako et al., 2018 [11]SNNPCommunity based48525552.6
Tiku et al., 2018 [10]SNNPCommunity based404208 
Kawo et al., 2018 [17]SNNPCommunity based5507235742.8
Abdi Guled et al., 2017 [13]SomaliCommunity based39728672
Jemal et al., 2016 [9]SomaliCommunity based39920952.4
Gebreegziabiher et al., 2014 [7]TigrayCommunity based56821237.3
Kebede Set al., 2014 [18]OromiaCommunity based1304333.07
Habte et al., 2013 [19]AmharaCommunity based8260415550.3
Feleke, 2016 [14]AmharaCommunity based145961141.9
Gashu et al., 2016 [21]AmharaCommunity based6288213.06
Melku et al., 2018 [22]AmharaCommunity based70720228.6
Muchie, 2016 [16]AmharaCommunity based7636218428.6
Woldie et al., 2016 [8]AmharaCommunity based34723166.6