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Table 1 Search strategy for Pubmed/Medline databases

From: The effectiveness of solar disinfection water treatment method for reducing childhood diarrhea: a systematic review and meta-analysis protocol

1.Child [tw] OR childhood [tw] OR children [tw]
3.“sunlight”[MeSH] OR “solar energy”[MeSH] energy [tw] OR sunlight [tw]
5.“water purification”[MeSH]
6.water purification [tw] OR water treatment [tw]
7.“Diarrhea/prevention and control”[MeSH] OR “dysentery/ prevention and control ”[MeSH]
8.diarrhea [tw] OR diarrhoea [tw] OR dysentery [tw]
9.1 OR 2
10.3 OR 4
11.5 OR 6
12.7 OR 8
13.9 AND 10 AND 11 AND 12
14.Limit 13 to RCT AND English