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Table 3 Hypothesized moderators for meta-regressive or subset analyses

From: Reducing meat consumption by appealing to animal welfare: protocol for a meta-analysis and theoretical review

Hypothesized moderatorPossible categories for analysis
Study designRandomized vs. all other designs
Sex ratio of subjects0–30% female vs. 30–70% female vs. 70–100% female
Psychological theory/theories underlying the interventionMind attribution vs. disgust vs. social norms, etc.
Intensiveness of interventionTotal length of time subjects are exposed to intervention
Length of follow-up between intervention and outcome measurementDays (continuous) or > 1 day vs.  1 day
Proximity of the outcome measure to actual meat consumption or purchaseBehaviorally measured vs. self-reported vs. intended consumption or purchase
Scope of meat outcomeAll-meat consumption vs. any subset of meats (where studies excluding seafood consumption will be in the latter category)