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Table 2 Data extraction charting template

From: Mapping the evidence on health equity considerations in economic evaluations of health interventions: a scoping review protocol

Main category/subcategoriesDescription
Article details
 Author(s)Who are the author(s)?
 TitleFull title of the article
 Objective(s)Describe the stated objective(s)
 Year of publicationArticle year
 Article typeWhat is the type of article?
 LanguageIn which language is the article written?
 CountryIn which country was the study conducted?
Study details (if applicable)
 Type of studyEmpirical or methods?
 Study designType of methodology
 Data typePrimary or secondary data
 Study populationWhich population was studied?
Health intervention
 NameName of the intervention(s)
 Type of interventionWhat was the type of intervention? (e.g., vaccine, drugs, medical devices, treatment, procedure, and public health)
 SettingsWhere did the intervention/study take place?
Health equity
 ReasonsWhy did the study assess health equity?
 Type of health equityWhich type of health equity was considered? (e.g., horizontal and vertical equity, equal utilization, distribution according to need, equal access, and equal health outcomes)
 Social determinants of health (if applicable)Which social determinants of health were addressed?
 Other equity measuresWhich other equity measures were addressed? (e.g., demographic factors and financial risk protection (FRP))
 Evaluation methodHow was health equity assessed? (e.g., rate ratios, population attributable risks, equity weighting analysis, equity impact analysis, and equity trade-off analysis)
 Tool usedWhich tool was used or developed to assess health equity? (e.g., framework and guidelines)
Health economic evaluations
 Type of evaluationsWhich type of economic evaluation was conducted?
 Evaluation methodHow was the economic evaluation conducted? (e.g., administrative data, and clinical trials)
 Tool usedWhich tool was used or developed? (e.g., framework and guidelines)
Incorporating health equity
 Method developmentHow does health equity incorporated in the economic evaluations of health interventions?
 New methodWhat are the new methods proposed?
 Method practicalityAre there any empirical studies that used the method proposed?
 RecommendationsWhat recommendations did the authors make based on the study results and their experiences?