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Table 2 Percentage of overviews (published up to 2016 or 2017) reporting on key aspects of methods and results

From: Preferred Reporting Items for Overviews of Reviews (PRIOR): a protocol for development of a reporting guideline for overviews of reviews of healthcare interventions

Reporting itemPercentage of overviews reporting the item (%)
Indicate that they are working from a protocol [4]22
Rationale [4]60
Explicit statement of objectives [4]56
PICO criteria for eligibility [4]44
Primary outcome [28]29
Databases and search dates [28]74
Full search strategy [4]36
Circumstances in which primary studies would be considered [4]6
Description of methods used for all steps of screening [28]69
Description of methods used for data extraction [28]67
Description of methods used to assess quality or risk of bias [28]78
Description of methods for addressing overlapping SRs in overviews [4]44
Description of methods for addressing discordant SRs [4, 28]4–6
Description of the synthesis methods26
Description of included SRs (adequate detail to be replicable) [4]20
Methodological quality of included SRs [4]76
Methodological quality of primary studies contained within included SRs [4]22
Certainty of evidence of outcome data [4]34
Conflicts of interest statement [28]82
Source of funding [28]74
  1. Data from Lunny et al. (n = 50 overviews) [4] and an ongoing review by Pieper et al. (n = 100 overviews) [28]
  2. SR systematic review