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Table 8 Injury

From: Benefits and harms of medical cannabis: a scoping review of systematic reviews

Author, year {refid} Search dates; # databases searched Funding source Nstudies Illness/condition Intervention/comparator Outcomes Conclusions from data AMSTAR-2 rating
Snedecor, 2013 [29] To Dec 2011; 5 Industry 1 NP associated with spinal cord injury I: Synthetic cannabinoids
C: Placebo
• NP
• All-cause discontinuation
Favors control for NP; no statistically significant different between groups for all-cause discontinuation CL
Mehta, 2016 [35] 2009–Sept 2015; 4 NR 2 Spinal cord injury I: Plant-derived and Synthetic cannabinoids
C: diphenhydramine
• NP
• Spastic pain
Reported SBS L
Meyer, 2010 [55] 1980–2008; 4 NR 2 Acquired brain injury I: Synthetic cannabinoids
C: Placebo
• Intercranial pressure
• Glasgow outcome scale
• Disability rating scale
• Mortality rates
• Activities of daily living
• QoL
Reported SBS M
Wheaton, 2009 [76] Jan 1980 to May 2008; 2 Non-profit 2 Traumatic brain injury I: Synthetic cannabinoids
C: placebo
• Global outcome score (3 and 6 months) No statistically significant difference between groups CL
  1. NP neuropathic pain, NR not reported, QoL quality of life, SBS study-by-study