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Table 1 Study characteristics

From: Psychological interventions for alcohol use disorders in people living with HIV/AIDS: a systematic review

Study ID Study design Participants Sample size Intervention Comparator Outcome/s
Aharonovich 2017 [19] RCT Community sample with SU/AU 47 MI/computer (smartphone) MI Number of days drunk and number of drinks per day (TLFB/CIWA-Ar)
Chander 2015 [15] RCT HIV-positive women with heavy drinking 148 Brief intervention TAU Frequency of drinking
Dawson-Rose 2017 [40] RCT 18-year-old HIV positive on treatment 208 Computer-administered SBIRT Physician-administered SBIRT SSIS (alcohol use)
Gilbert 2008 [25] RCT HIV clinic patients 971 Computer/video call TAU Frequency of drinking
Hasin 2013 [26] RCT HIV-positive patients consuming 3 or more units of alcohol 295 MI + HealthCall MI Number of drinks in the last 30 days using TLFB
Kahler 2018 [32] RCT MSM 180 MI TAU Quantity and Frequency
Meade 2010 [28] RCT Young people HIV positive 247 CBT-SM Support group Quantity of alcohol
Naar-King 2008 [39] RCT 16–25-year-old HIV-positive youths 186 Motivational interviewing Waitlist Quantity of alcohol use
Papas 2011 [27] RCT HIV positive on treatment with hazardous drinking 75 CBT TAU % drinking days and mean drinks per day
Parsons 2007 [29] RCT HIV positive on treatment hazardous drinkers 143 MI/CBT Health education condition Number of drinks per day
Rongkavilit 2013 [41] RCT Young PLWH 16–25 110 MI Health Education Frequency and quantity of drinking
Rotheram-Borus 2012 [36] RCT HIV-positive women 339 Family-based intervention Waitlist/TAU Frequency of alcohol use
Samet 2005 [30] RCT HIV-positive/with alcohol problems 151 MI TAU Alcohol severity and consumption
Samet 2015 [42] RCT HIV-positive men with history of drinking and risk sex 700 Group TAU Quantity and frequency of drinking
Sikkema 2011 [34] RCT MSM 50 Brief intervention and standard care Standard care Frequency of alcohol use
Velasquez 2009 [33] RCT MSM 253 MI-TTM Referral to other resources Quantity, frequency
Wandera 2017 [43] RCT PLWH AUDIT-C Score 3 or more 982 Brief Intervention Positive preventive counselling AUDIT-C score
Weiss 2011 [37] RCT HIV-positive women 482 Individual stress-management SWP II CBSM/SWPI Miami Alcohol Use Questionnaire
Wong 2008 [31] RCT HIV positive who engaged in risk sex 936 Behavioural intervention Wait list Number of days drinking
Yu Liu 2018 [44] RCT Newly diagnosed HIV-positive men 367 Peer counselling TAU Alcohol consumption and use before sex
Zule 2014 [38] RCT Women living with HIV 84 Group therapy HCT/Nutrition Number of days abstinent, quantity of drinking, frequency of drinking
  1. Key: RCT randomised controlled trial, SU/AU substance use/alcohol use, MI motivational interviewing, TAU treatment as usual, SBIRT Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral To Therapy, PLWH people living with HIV, CBT cognitive behavioural therapy