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Table 2 Data extraction form checklist

From: Auriculotherapy to control chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting in patients with cancer: protocol of a systematic review

Source Reviewer name, review date, study title and authors, journal name, and publication date
Eligibility Confirm eligibility for review
Introduction Study aims and hypotheses included
Methods—participants Setting, eligibility criteria, cancer, and treatment aspects (type of cancer, disease staging, medication used for the chemotherapy)
Methods—design and group allocation Study design and duration, group description, sequence generation, allocation concealment, implementation, and blinding
Methods—Interventions Intervention description and intervention details (STRICTA)
Methods—outcomes Name and definition, time points measured, measure of CINV, and other variables investigated besides CINV
Methods—statistical analyses Statistical analyses used
Results Number of participants randomized/allocated per group/analyzed, details of any missing participants, baseline demographics for each group, summary data for each group at each time point, compliance with intervention, and any adverse events
Discussion/conclusion Interpretation of results, extent of generalizability, and key conclusions