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Table 2 Data extraction table to be used for included studies

From: Effects of cataract surgery and intra-ocular lens implantation on visual function and quality of life in age-related cataract patients: a systematic review protocol

Category (study is related to surgical techniques, intraocular lenses, surgical complications or any other aspect of cataract)
Study ID
Title of the study
Year of publication
Country where the work is done
Aim of the study
Study settings
Study design
Randomisation method (If RCTα)
Preference-based measures (generic/disease specific)
Which instrument is used
Sample size
Age criteria for patient recruitment
Patient recruitment details
Follow up details
Tariff details
Modelling details
Statistical tests used
Cost-effectiveness analysis (e.g, ICERβ, NHBγ)
Average age of patients
Visual function scores
Quality of life scores
Reviewer’s remarks
  1. αRandomised Controlled trials, β- Incremental cost effectiveness ratio, γ- Net Heath Benefit
  2. βIncremental cost-effectiveness ratio
  3. γNet heath benefit