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Table 1 Tabulated inclusion and exclusion criteria for selecting articles for review

From: Assessing trauma care health systems in low- and middle-income countries, a protocol for a systematic literature review and narrative synthesis

  Include Exclude
Type of article Primary quantitative, qualitative or mixed method study Literature review Report or guideline from national or international health organisation Case reports, academic letter, correspondence or conference proceedings
Type of conditions or care setting Trauma and injury (used interchangeably) care Mental health Non-urgent care, primary care, elective care as the main focus of assessment Non-trauma emergency care Non-accidental injury in children Disaster management
Subject of study Whole health system assessment Assessment of health-seeking behaviour Assessment of community perception of health care access and quality Assessment of health system access Assessment of health system care quality including technical and patient-centred care Measurement of population health profiles and patterns Research evaluating interventions, diagnostic tests, medicines or technologies
Study setting according to World Bank Income Classification 2018 Includes low- or lower middle- or upper middle-income country High-income country only