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Table 2 Databases searched

From: Educational outcomes of children in contact with social care in England: a systematic review

Database Coverage
 Medline and Epub Ahead of Print, In-Process & Other Non-Index Citations, Daily and Versions 1946 to present
 Embase and Embase Classic 1947 to present
 PsycInfo 1806 to present
 Social Policy & Practice 1890s to present
Scopus 1788 to present
 British Education Index 1929 to present
 Education Abstracts 1983 to present
1995 to present (books)
 The Education Resources Information Center 1966 to present
 Index to Legal Periodicals and Books 1979 to present
ProQuest Central
 The Education Database 1988 to present
 Social Science Database 1942 to present
 The Applied Social Sciences Index & Abstracts 1987 to present
 The International Bibliography of the Social Sciences 1951 to present
 The Sociology Database 1985 to present
 Sociological Abstracts 1952 to present
Westlaw UK 1986 to present
  1. Note that coverage years are given for information only: records from before 1991 were excluded as per the study protocol