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Table 2 Search strategy for PubMed/MEDLINE

From: Measurement properties of instruments to assess pain in children and adolescents with cancer: a systematic review protocol

# Search history Results (March 22, 2017) Explanation
#1 ((leukemia OR leukemi* OR leukaemi* OR (childhood ALL) OR AML OR lymphoma OR lymphom* OR hodgkin OR hodgkin* OR T-cell OR B-cell OR non-hodgkin OR sarcoma OR sarcom* OR sarcoma, Ewing’s OR Ewing* OR osteosarcoma OR osteosarcom* OR wilms tumor OR wilms* OR nephroblastom* OR neuroblastoma OR neuroblastom* OR rhabdomyosarcoma OR rhabdomyosarcom* OR teratoma OR teratom* OR hepatoma OR hepatom* OR hepatoblastoma OR hepatoblastom* OR PNET OR medulloblastoma OR medulloblastom* OR PNET* OR neuroectodermal tumors, primitive OR retinoblastoma OR retinoblastom* OR meningioma OR meningiom* OR glioma OR gliom*) OR (pediatric oncology OR paediatric oncology) OR (childhood cancer OR childhood tumor OR childhood tumors)) OR (brain tumor* OR brain tumour* OR brain neoplasms OR central nervous system neoplasm OR central nervous system neoplasms OR central nervous system tumor* OR central nervous system tumour* OR brain cancer* OR brain neoplasm* OR intracranial neoplasm*) OR (leukemia, lymphocytic, acute[mh]) OR (leukemia, lymphocytic, acute*) 1.641.231 Search filter for childhood cancer (from Cochrane Childhood Cancer)
#2 Infan* OR toddler* OR minors OR minors* OR boy OR boys OR boyfriend OR boyhood OR girl* OR kid OR kids OR child OR child* OR children* OR schoolchild* OR schoolchild OR school child[tiab] OR school child*[tiab] OR adolescen* OR juvenil* OR youth* OR teen* OR under*age* OR pubescen* OR pediatrics[mh] OR pediatric* OR paediatric* OR peadiatric* OR school[tiab] OR school*[tiab] 4.334.396 Search filter for children (from Cochrane Childhood Cancer)
#3 pain[mh] OR acute pain[mh] OR chronic pain[mh] OR pain OR ache OR agony OR hyperalgesia[mh] OR allodynia OR analgesia OR distress OR headache OR hurt[tiab] OR hyperesthesia OR hyperaesthesia OR myalgia OR neuralgia OR neuropath* OR polyneuropathy OR painful[tiab] 1.026.012 Search filter for pain (developed in consultation with the information specialist from the Cochrane Childhood Cancer)
#4 Validation Studies[pt] OR “psychometrics”[MeSH] OR psychometr*[tiab] OR clinimetr*[tw] OR clinometr*[tw] OR reproducibi*[tiab] OR reliabi*[tiab] OR unreliabi*[tiab] OR validi*[tiab] OR valida*[tiab] OR “internal consistency”[tiab] OR precision[tiab] OR imprecision[tiab] OR test–retest[tiab] OR repeatabi*[tiab] OR ((multitrait[tiab] AND scaling[tiab]) AND (analysis[tiab] OR analyses[tiab])) OR item discriminant[tiab] OR sensitivi*[tiab] OR specifici* OR ((minimal[tiab] OR minimally[tiab]) AND (clinical[tiab] OR clinically[tiab]) AND (important[tiab] OR significant[tiab] OR detectable[tiab]) AND (change[tiab] OR difference[tiab])) OR (small* AND (real[tiab] OR detectable[tiab]) AND (change[tiab] OR difference[tiab])) OR pain measurement[mh] 2.068.426 Search filter measurement properties (developed in consultation with the information specialist from the Cochrane Childhood Cancer)
#5 #1 AND #2 AND #3 AND #4 1.804  
#6 #5, filters: Humans; English 1.498