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Table 1 PCC (Population, Concept, Context)

From: Barriers and facilitating factors in the prevention of diabetes type II and gestational diabetes in vulnerable groups: protocol for a scoping review

P Diabetes mellitus type II or gestation diabetes Type 2 diabetes mellitus
Gestational diabetes mellitus
People at risk of developing diabetes mellitus or gestational diabetes mellitus
Vulnerable patients/groups Elderly, older people, seniors > 65 years
Disabled people
People in need of care, residents of a nursing home
Unemployed people
Refugees/migrants as well as ethnic groups (e.g., African Americans or Hispanics)
Homeless people
Drug/substance abusers (excluding nicotine abuse/smoking)
Low socio-economic status
C Prevention Primary/secondary prevention
Communication strategies Communication strategies/access routes, e.g., digital/social media, TV/radio, print media, group sessions, health campaign
C > 2008; WHO stratum A
Other All types of studies; all languages; available in full text version
  1. The PPC (Population, Concept, Context) mnemonic illustrates the eligibility criteria for the scoping review. Additionally to the classic PPC mnemonic, there are other criteria regarding study types, languages, and the availability of the full-text version