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Table 1 Eligibility criteria in study selection

From: Quantified patient preferences for lifestyle intervention programs for diabetes preventiona protocol for a systematic review

Criteria Inclusion Exclusion
Population • Patients • Patients suffering from other conditions than diabetes
• Professionals (physicians, nurses, etc.)
Condition • T1DM and T2DM
• All stages of diabetes disease
• Complications of diabetes
• Metabolic disorders in relation with diabetes
• Conditions unrelated to diabetes
Intervention • Quantitative elicitation of preferences for lifestyle interventions
• All available quantitative methods for stated preferences (MCDA, MADM, MODM, CA, DCE, AHP, BWS, WTP, etc.)
• Qualitative elicitation of preferences for lifestyle interventions
• Quantitative or qualitative elicitation of preferences exclusively for pharmacological treatment of diabetes
• Elicitation of utilities
Study design • The study is based on single and/or multiple data sets  
Type of publication • Publications in peer-reviewed journals which can be retrieved through our search approach
• Studies, to which full publication is available
• Editorials, comments, newspaper articles, and other forms of popular media
• Conference abstracts
• Studies, to which no full publication is available
Date • No restriction  
Language • No restrictions on language, but available English, French, Spanish, or German abstract is a pre-condition for inclusion • No English, French, Spanish, or German abstract available