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Table 4 Summary of reported limitations in included studies

From: Can automated content analysis be used to assess and improve the use of evidence in mental health policy? A systematic review

Study Text length Relationship between words, meaning and context Expertise needed to inform the choice of reference texts
Less accurate with short texts Word focussed Applicability to complex contexts Reference texts must fulfil certain conditions Scores require rescaling Potential for transformation errors Requires researcher interference and skills Score quality of reference texts
Baek, Cappella and Bindman* [29]      
Baumann, Debus and Müller [41]        
Bernauer and Bräuninger* [38]       
Budge and Pennings* [37]     
Coffé and Da Roit [39]        
Costa, Gilmore, Peeters, McKee and Stuckler [28]  
Debus [35]      
Hug and Schulz [40]       
Klemmensen, Hobolt and Hansen* [30]   
Laver, Benoit and Garry* [25]     
Lowe* [31]     
Volkens* [36]    
  1. *These studies were formal evaluations of Wordscores