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Table 2 Summary of studies addressing psychometrics properties of the outcomes instruments for nerve repair

From: Functional, motor, and sensory assessment instruments upon nerve repair in adult hands: systematic review of psychometric properties

Study N Population Instrument Psychometrics properties
Jerosch-Herold [47] 14 14 median nerve injuries Set of sensory tests: S2PD, M2PD, LOCAL, Modified Pickup test Moberg, Object recognition, ADL Reliability, validity
Brandsma et al. [60] 28 Leprosy disease and nerve injuries Manual muscle strength test for specific movements related to hand intrinsic muscles Reliability: inter/intraobserver
Rosén [61] 25 15 median, 10 ulnar nerve injuries Set of tests: sensory function /perception of touch/vibration: Semmes-Weistein Monofilaments, vibrations of 30 and 256 Hz; Tactile gnosis: localization of constant and moving touch, S2PD, M2PD, shape-identification test; motor function tests: dynamometer; integrated sensory and motor function tests: Modified Pickup test Moberg, Sollerman grip test; cold intolerance test and hypersensitivity (qualitative); neurophysiological tests: electroneurography, electromyography Construct validity
Rosén Lundborg [55] 54 26 median, 19 ulnar, 7 combined STI test ™ Reliability: test-retest, internal consistency, validity
Rosén, Jerosh-Herold [59] 32 32 median and/or ulnar S2PD, STI test ™ Responsiveness
Rosén, Lundborg [24] 70 34 median, 27 ulnar, 9 combined Rosén-Lundborg score (sensory, motor and pain/discomfort domains) Reliability: test-retest, internal consistency, construct validity (concurrent)
Jerosch-Herold [57] 115 23 median and ulnar nerve injuries Set of sensory tests: WEST, S2PD, M2PD, LOCAL, modified pickup test Moberg, object recognition Responsiveness
Rosén [56] 91 35 median, 23 ulnar STI test™ Reliability: inter-tester
Schreuders et al. [48] 27 11 median, 9 ulnar, 7 combined RIMH™ Reliability
Jerosch-Herold et al. [54] 39 23 median and 16 ulnar nerve injuries Locognosia test Reliability: test-retest, construct validity (discriminant)
Carlsson et al. [49] 159 54 nerve injuries 3 cold sensitivity questionnaires: CISS,CSS,PWES Reliability: test-retest, internal consistency, content and construct validity
Dias et al. [50] 100 26 nerve injuries(1 ulnar, 25 median) 3 questionnaires: PEM, MHQ, DASH Reliability: reproducibility/test-retest, internal consistency, construct validity
Naidu et al. [52] 94 hand and wrist problems 1 nerve injury HAT, DASH, SF12 Reliability: test-retest, internal consistency, construct validity (convergent and discriminant)
Packham, MacDermid [53] 264 14.4% nerve injury/repair PRWHE and subscales Test-retest reliability and content
Chen et al. [51] 300 7 median, 6 ulnar, 9 radial nerve DASH-CHNPLAGH Translation and cultural adaptation, test-rest reliability and construct validity
Hsu et al. [58] 30 04 median, 11 digital nerve MTT, SWM, S2PD, M2PD Concurrent validity
  1. CISS Cold Intolerance Symptom Severity, CSS Cold Sensitivity Severity, PWES Potential Work Exposure Scale, PEM Patient Evaluation Measure, MHQ Michigan Hand Outcome Questionnaire, DASH disabilities of the arm, shoulder and hand, DASH-CHNPLAGH simple Chinese version of DASH, PRWHE Patient-Rated Wrist and Hand Evaluation, S2PD static two-point discrimination, M2PD moving two-point discrimination, LOCAL area localization, ADL activities of daily living, WEST touch threshold test, HAT hand assessment tool, SF12 Health Survey (Short Form 12), STI test™ Shape and Texture Identification test, RIMH™ Rotterdam Intrinsic Hand Myometer, MTT manual tactile test