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Table 1 PubMed search strategy

From: Barriers and facilitators to implementation of menu labelling interventions to support healthy food choices: a mixed methods systematic review protocol

Search number Search string
#1 restaurant* [tiab] OR cafeteria* [tiab] OR canteen* [tiab] OR fast food [tiab] OR vending machine* [tiab] OR menu* [tiab] OR food service [mh] OR food service* [tiab]
#2 food labeling [mh] OR label* [tiab] OR post* [tiab]
#3 calorie* [tiab] OR kilojoule* [tiab] OR energy [tiab] OR nutri* [tiab]
#4 #1 AND #2 AND #3
  1. mh MeSH headings; tiab title/abstract