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Table 3 Minimum data set of information extracted from included papers

From: Exposures associated with infection with Cryptosporidium in industrialised countries: a systematic review protocol

Bibliographic detail Study detail
 Name of reviewer  Study design
 Date of extraction  Number of cases reported
 Publication type  Age/sex cases/participants
 Country of origin/language  Case definition (and any known co-infections)
 Study title  Definition of exposure(s)
 Names of authors  Definition of activities
 Journal/source reference  Species identified
 Year published  Incubation period
   Exposure window(s)
Study outcomes General methodological
 Number (%) exposed among groups  Confounders
 Types of exposures  Likely biases
 Comparator(s) (well controls, other infection)  
 Selection and recruitment methods  
 Availability of appropriate controls (from the same source population as the cases)  
 Interview methods  
 Effect measures (type and result)