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Table 1 Search strategy for identification of studies

From: Emergency transportation interventions for reducing adverse pregnancy outcomes in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review protocol

No. Search term
1 ((“Labor, Obstetric”[Mesh] OR “Delivery, Obstetric”[Mesh]) AND “Transportation of Patients”[Mesh]) AND (“mortality”[Subheading] OR “mortality”[All Fields] OR “mortality”[Mesh])) AND (“Evaluation Studies as Topic”[Mesh] OR “Evaluation Studies”, OR “Program Evaluation”[Mesh] OR “Health Care Evaluation Mechanisms”[Mesh] OR “Health Care Quality, Access, and Evaluation”[Mesh] OR “Health Services Research”[Mesh] OR “Process Assessment Health Care”[Mesh] OR “Emergency Medicine”[MeSH]).
2 “Parturition”[Mesh] “Pregnan*” OR “Labor” OR “Birth” OR “Labour” OR “Childbirth” OR “Deliver*”
3 “Obstetric emergency”, or “Matern*near2 emergency”, OR “Emergency health service”, Or “Emergency health care”, OR “Emergency Obstetric Care”, OR “EmOC”, OR “Obstetric care”, OR “Pregnan*”.
3 “Pregnancy outcome”, OR “Adverse pregnancy outcome*”, OR “Adverse maternal outcome*”, OR “Adverse childbirth outcome*”, OR “Pregnancy complication*”, OR “Labour complicat*”, OR Labor complicat*”, OR “Birth AND “Complications”.
5 “Low-Income Economies”, OR Low-income country”, OR “Low-income countries”, OR “Lower-Middle-Income Economies”, OR “Resource-limited Setting*”, OR “Resource-poor settings”, OR “Poor countries” OR “Middle-income countries”, OR “Upper-Middle-Income Economies”.
6 “Health facility deliver*” OR “Hospital deliver*” OR “Clinic delivery” OR “Skilled attendant delivery”
7 “Access to care” OR “Maternal delay*”, OR “Access barrier*” OR “Geographic barrier”
8 “Intervention” OR “Interven*”, OR “Effect*”, OR “effective* OR “Impact” OR “Outcome*”, OR “Cost effect*”.
9 1-#8 AND “transport*” OR “Transport* scheme” OR “Transport* system” OR “Voucher” OR “Loan” OR “Fund” OR “Revolving fund*” OR “Community financing”.