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Table 7 Mean annual incidence rate of partial foot amputation per 100,000 people with diabetes

From: A systematic review describing incidence rate and prevalence of dysvascular partial foot amputation; how both have changed over time and compare to transtibial amputation

Study Time period Strata Standardization Annual incidence rate Amputations per annum
    Crude Age Sex Mean SD Mean
No Stratification
 Alvarsson et al. [52] 2001–2006   Yes No No 131.90 96.92 6
 Canavan et al. [43] 1995–1999a   No Yes Yes NR NR NR
 Kennon et al. [51] 2004–2008   Yes No No 103.80 11.30 205
 Lai et al. [53] 2000–2010   Yes No No 118.91 26.79 71
 Rayman et al. [45] 1997–1999   Yes No No 123.33 27.15 11
 Valabhji et al. [46] 2004–2008   Yes No No 146.64 85.64 7
  1. aNR not reported. Data in article reported for 3 of 5 years, as such, it was impossible to calculate mean incidence rate for duration of the study