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Table 1 Search strategy for PubMed

From: Exosomal microRNAs as potential circulating biomarkers in gastrointestinal tract cancers: a systematic review protocol

Quary Search syntax
Related terms/synonyms
#1 (mesentery[Mesh] OR stomach[Mesh] OR Pancreas[Mesh] OR rectum[Mesh] OR duodenum[Mesh] OR jejunum[Mesh] OR ileum[Mesh] OR cecum[Mesh] OR colon[Mesh] OR mouth[Mesh] OR esophagus[Mesh] OR Gastrointestinal Tracts[Mesh] OR “Gastrointestinal Tracts”[tiab] OR “GI Tract”[tiab] OR “GI Tracts”[tiab] OR “gastrointestinal tract”[tiab] OR “Gastrointestinal Cancer”[tiab] OR “Digestive Tract”[tiab] OR “Digestive Tracts”[tiab] OR “Lower GI Tract”[tiab] OR GI[tiab] OR oral[tiab] OR mouth[tiab] OR esophagus[tiab] OR gullet[tiab] OR gastric[tiab] OR duodenum[tiab] OR jejunum[tiab] OR ileum[tiab] OR cecum[tiab] OR colon[tiab] OR colorectal[tiab] OR sigmoid[tiab] OR rectum[tiab] OR anus[tiab] OR mesentery[tiab] OR hepatic[tiab] OR liver[tiab] OR hepatocellular[tiab] OR stomach[tiab] OR Pancrea*[tiab])
#2 (Neoplasms [Mesh] OR Cancer*[tiab] OR Neoplasm*[tiab] OR Carcinoma[tiab] OR Tumo*[tiab])
#3 (extracellular vesicles[Mesh] OR exosomes[Mesh] OR exosome*[tiab] OR “extracellular vesicle”[tiab] OR “extracellular vesicles”[tiab] OR microvesicle[tiab] OR “Shedding Microvesicles”[tiab])
#4 #1 AND #2 AND #3
  1. The asterisk (*) is used to signify truncation