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Table 4 Pilot search strategy using Medline via Ovid, from start to present date including new and in process (searched on 6/6/2017)

From: The macro-economic determinants of health and health inequalities—umbrella review protocol

  Search 1: health terms Search 2: combine health terms with economics terms Search 3: limiting search 2 to systematic reviews
Source of key words (see Additional file 3 for full list) Adapted from a previous umbrella review [37] Developed from JEL [24] Modified SIGN systematic review filter [44]
Results 7,211,084 359,898 7087
Tracer papers
 Roelfs et al. [47] Y Y Y
 Parmar et al. [48] Y Y Y
 Roy et al. [49] Y Y Y
 Iemmi et al. [50] Y Y Y