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Table 1 Information to be extracted from eligible studies

From: Identifying effective components for mobile health behaviour change interventions for smoking cessation and service uptake: protocol of a systematic review and planned meta-analysis

Lists Information to be extracted
Publication details First author name, year of publication
Study setting Country and source of participants, e.g. primary/secondary care, vpharmacy, advertisement
Duration of study and follow up Reported information on the duration of study and follow up for each outcome
Year of study Year of study
Participant demographics Participant mean age, percentage of current smokers, average number of cigarettes per day
Sample size Sample sizes included in the analysis
Perceived barriers Identified barriers of behaviour change prior to intervention design
The use of theory to design intervention No theory used/the use of theory to inform interventions/the use of theory to classify participants/the use of theory to tailor interventions according to participants
19 Theory Coding Scheme (when > 50 studies are included)
Behaviour change techniques Coding scheme for behaviour change technique using BCTTv1 [16]
Mobile functionality SMS, MMS, email, phone call, internet, apps, IVR
Tailored design No tailoring function (fixed intervention)/personalisation based on participant characteristics or personal preferences/tailored to participant needs
Communication pathway One-way/two-way/interactive communication
Description of technology engagement Detailed description of any form of measurement for engagement in technology, e.g. automated monitoring of the users’ interactions with the system, etc.
Description of control and intervention groups Detailed description of control and intervention groups
Outcomes measured Self-reported smoking abstinence
Verified smoking abstinence
Uptake of smoking cessation services, e.g. the number of service attendance
Reference of additional information Additional information elsewhere that is related to the intervention design