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Table 1 Provisional search strategy for Ovid MEDLINE

From: Psychosocial and career outcomes of peer mentorship in medical resident education: a systematic review protocol

Search strategy
1. Mentors
2. (mentorship or mentor or mentors or mentoring or mentee* or protege*).tw,kw
3. 1 or 2
4. exp “Internship and Residency”/
5. Education, Medical, Graduate/
6. (fellow* or junior doctor* or house staff or housestaff or house officer* or registrar*).tw,kw
7. ((anaesthesiolog* or anesthesiolog* or emergency medic* or family med* or general med* or geriatric* or gynaec* or gynec* or internal med*or neurolog* or obstetric* or paediatric* or pediatric* or psychiatr* or radiolog* or special* or surg*) adj10 (trainee* or training or resident* or residents)).tw,kw.
8. ((intern* or resident* or residenc*) adj10 (medical or medicine)).tw,kw
9. (((graduate or postgraduate or post-graduate) adj10 (doctor* or medical or medicine)) and (educat* or train*)).tw,kw.
10. 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or 9
11. Peer group/
12. (peer* or buddy or buddies).tw,kw.
13. 11 or 12
14. 3 and 10 and 13