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Table 1 Results of included studies mapped on to quality domains and subcategories

From: Does Value Stream Mapping affect the structure, process, and outcome quality in care facilities? A systematic review

Quality domains and subcategories Structure quality Process quality Outcome quality
Included studies Volume of patients Reallocation of staff Education of staff Room change Non-value-added time Non-value-added process steps Value-added time Staff satisfaction Length of stay Costs Mortality/infections Patient satisfaction
Arbune et al. [57]            
Bhat et al. [58]             
Chiodo et al. [59]             
Collar et al. [33]    x   x       
Ford et al. [41]      x     x   x  
Godinho Filho et al. [60]         
Kim et al. [61]            
L’Hommedieu and Kappeler [34]            
Martin et al. [62]          
Mazur et al. [63]             
Mazzocato et al. [24]            
McDermott et al. [37]        x      
McJoynt et al. [40]             
Michael et al. [38]      x       
Ng et al. [64]          
Reznick et al. [36]           
Rico and Jagwani [65]            
Sampalli et al. [66]             
Skeldon et al. [35] x     x      
Wojtys et al. [67]           
Yousri et al. [39]      x x    x    
Zhu et al. [68]            
  1. Improvement/change: significant result
  2. x No improvement/change: no significant result
  3. Observed improvement/change: no statistical analysis