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Table 1 MEDLINE concept plan, modified as needed for other databases

From: Determinants and materno-fetal outcomes related to cesarean section delivery in private and public hospitals in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review and meta-analysis protocol

N0 Query
1 exp cesarean section /
2 (Ceasarean OR caesarian OR section OR cesarian OR “cesarean section”OR “caesarean section” OR CS OR C-S OR “C Section” OR C-Section OR “abdominal delivery” OR “abdominal deliveries” cesarean birth, cesarian birth, cesarean deliveries, cesarian deliveries, cesarean delivery, cesarian delivery)
3 1 OR 2
4 (LMIC OR LIC OR “low income” OR Africa OR Asia OR Latin OR “middle income” OR Afghanistan OR Gambia OR Niger OR Benin OR Guinea OR Rwanda OR “Burkina Faso” OR Burkina OR “Guinea Bisau” OR “Sierra Leone” OR Burundi OR Haiti OR Somalia OR Cambodia OR Korea OR Sudan OR “Central African Republic” OR centrafica OR Liberia OR Tanzania OR Chad OR Madagascar OR Togo OR Comoros OR Malawi OR Uganda OR Congo OR Mali OR Zimbabwe OR Eritrea OR Mozambique OR Ethiopia OR Nepal OR Armenia OR Indonesia OR Samoa OR Bangladesh OR Kenya OR “Sao Tomé and Principe” OR Bhutan OR Kiribati OR Senegal OR Bolivia OR Kosovo OR “Solomon Islands” OR Salomon OR “Cabo Verde” OR “Cape Verde” Kyrgyz* OR “Sri Lanka” OR Cameroon OR Lao OR Sudan OR Lesotho OR Swaziland OR “Cote Ivoire” OR “Ivory coast” OR Mauritania OR Syrian OR Djibouti OR Micronesia OR Tajikistan OR Egypt OR Moldova OR Timor OR “El Salvador” OR Salvador OR Morocco OR Ukraine OR Georgia OR Myanmar OR Uzbekistan OR Ghana OR Nicaragua OR Vanuatu OR Guatemala OR Nigeria OR Vietnam OR Guyana OR Pakistan OR Palestine OR Gaza OR Honduras OR “Papua New Guinea” OR Papouasie OR Papouasia OR Yemen OR India OR Philippines OR Zambia OR Albania OR Fiji OR Namibia OR Algeria OR Gabon OR Palau OR Samoa OR Grenada OR Panama OR Angola OR Iran OR Paraguay OR Azerbaijan OR Iraq OR Peru OR Belarus OR Jamaica OR Romania OR Belize OR Jordan OR Serbia OR Bosnia OR Herzegovina OR Kazakhstan OR “South Africa” OR Botswana OR Lebanon OR Lucia OR Brazil OR Libya OR Saint Vincent and the Grenadines OR Bulgaria OR Macedonia OR Suriname OR China OR Chinese OR Malaysia OR Thailand OR Colombia OR Maldives OR Tonga OR “Costa Rica” OR Marshall OR Tunisia OR Cuba OR Mauritius OR Turkey OR Dominica OR Mexico OR Turkmenistan OR Dominican OR Mongolia OR Tuvalu OR Ecuador OR Montenegro)
5 exp hospital /
6 hospital OR hospitals OR public OR private OR “health center” OR “health centers” OR “medical college” OR “medical colleges” OR “medical university” OR “medical universities”
7 5 OR 6
8 3 AND 4 AND 7