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Table 4 Search string prepared for CAB Abstracts/CAB Direct©

From: A protocol for a systematic literature review: comparing the impact of seasonal and meteorological parameters on acute respiratory infections in Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples

Population Indigenous OR Aborigine OR Aboriginal OR Native OR Indian OR Tribe OR “Tribal Group” Globally and temporally inclusive terms for Indigenous only (no group names).
Exposure “atmospheric pressure” OR barometric OR cloud* OR cold OR “dew point” OR heat* OR humidity OR meteorolog* OR precipit* OR rain* OR season* OR snow* OR storm* OR sunshine OR temperature* OR “UV” OR “ultraviolet radiation” OR vapor OR warming OR weather OR wind OR winds OR windy No changes made from full search term list
Comparator -  
Outcome (ARI and Pneumonia) bronchitis OR bronchiectasis OR bronchiolitis OR “chest infection*” OR congest* OR cough* OR “flu” OR Influenza* OR “lung inflammation” OR “Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome” OR “mycoplasma” OR pertussis OR pneumon* OR pulmonary OR Respiratory OR “Respiratory Syncytial Virus” OR streptococcus OR wheez* Removed all acronyms, maintained symptoms and key diseases (more generic names only)
  1. All terms searched as “Title” or “Abstract” or “Subject.” Collected 207 citations on September 27, 2016